Thirty men and one woman (all Muslims) charged with sexually abusing girls in West Yorkshire

There will be many, many more cases such as this, alleged of course, in the coming years..... it's all to do with 'cultural Issues' back in the Homelands.
Well as above no, i have dealt with the fallout in the case of my youngest sis.

The questions you should have asked is have you turned a blind eye to child abuse because of the hue of the perps, have you encouraged an atmosphere where fear of appearing 'racist' comes before child protection, have you ever labelled anyone racist for pointing out certain groups were getting away with child abuse because of the above.

The answer to all is no Sir, I have not.
I asked the question I wanted to ask thanks :)
No need to try to engineer any subtleties or hark back to previous times where in one tiny part of the UK things weren't done properly unlike the rest of the U.K.
I asked the question I wanted to ask thanks :)
No need to try to engineer any subtleties or hark back to previous times where in one tiny part of the UK things weren't done properly unlike the rest of the U.K.
I have no idea at all what that post was meant to say to arrse.

Are you drunk or EM devotee?
I have no idea at all what that post was meant to say to arrse.

Are you drunk or EM devotee?
I have no idea at all what that post was meant to say to arrse.

Are you drunk or EM devotee?
It's not my fault you don't understand is it.

I asked you a simple question, you answered then told me I should have asked a different question, one that put you in a good light, so I replied that you didn't need to try to add subtleties.

All basic stuff.


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I will never ever believe that! There never was such a thing as a 'Snowflake Company Sergeant Major!. The main qualification for that esteemed position is to be 'slightly right of 'Genghis Khan' and so it should be!
Not my fault you can’t believe the truth.
Do we actually know they are in paedo gangs? All I know (likely true for everyone else as much of the evidence, including the topic of this thread, is sub judice) is that there are a lot of people with islamic sounding names charged with linked sexual offences. It's just as possible the only connection is a common victim.

Since supposition seems de-rigueur. My suspicion is the abuse initiated between a small number of individuals and others were drawn in. They may well have been a "gang" beforehand, but most likely of taxi drivers, cousins etc - not predatory paedophiles.

You could consider setting up a community kiddy fiddler club yourself to ascertain how likely that is.
I do not believe what I have just read, this is not something to joke about and to suggest setting up a paedophile group here is disgusting. Makes me wonder if you have something invested in this whole sick sordid network and I say network because its nationwide.
A very thought provoking article. Not least because the author/victim feels the need to state that she's not motivated by racism.

Islam is very different from Christianity. Muslims believe that the Quran is the literal word of God and what God says takes precedence over the "laws of man". Problem is, there is no rank structure in Islam. There is no Muslim Pope to provide an authoritative interpretation of religious doctrine.

Instead, there are any number of often self appointed "scholars" who will issue fatwas that are defined by their personal opinions rather than by unbiased religious knowledge. ARRSE's honorary chaplain, Anjem Choudary, declared himself to be a scholar despite not having the Arabic language skills that are essential to read the Quran.

Like mediaeval Catholics who believed they could get away with anything so long as they could find a priest who would grant absolution or an indulgence, some Muslims will go "scholar shopping" to obtain fatwas stating that any sin is somehow in accordance with Sharia law. That's how ISIS justified murdering prisoners, buying and selling non-Muslims at slave auctions and raping girls as young as 9. Their in house scholars assured them that anything goes.

The child rape scandals in the North of England happened because some people considered themselves to be above the law. The government bears some responsibility for encouraging this view because Muslim Sharia and Jewish beth din rabbinical "courts" are allowed to operate a parallel legal system in this country that directly breaches English law on everything from animal welfare to gender equality in divorce cases.

There should be no religious courts in any democratic country.
Great post and the one small thing I would point out to you is a slight geographical inacuracy. IMMSMC were ther not gangs of the same ilk in Oxford, Buckinghamshire and Kent but I may be wrong. So not just north of England but I may not be totally correct so if I am wrong I appologise in advance.
Whats of interest when wondering if someone is a bigot, is their use of the particular word "gangs".

This is done because "rape gangs" is pretty much specific to brown paedophiles; whereas a general denunciation of paedophiles would also include (white) priests, etc who, AIUI, tend not to operate in "gangs".
"Jehovah, Jehovah..."
12 hours late but made me chuckle inside. If only you knew the irony of your post.
Seems my editing was a tad late but im quite sure better men than I have been on ROPS but such is life
It's more likely it was because you'd been quoted, so the original text was visible in the quote box. Treat it as a chance to learn the minimum requirements for each area, and don't assume you can blithely surf the edge the way others can.
Given time and /or special circumstances, you may build up some leeway, but it's not guaranteed.
Ask yourself why people rush to keyboard at the slightest whiff of Muslamic evil such as the paedophile rape gangs, but don't seem to be able to find their password when the paedophilia is at the hands of Catholic priests.

Apartheid? Quite possibly.

But too many "nots" not to not make no sense.

Or not.
Do you not think the catholic priest thing has been done to death in the UK. Mention muslim paedophile and all the leftists cast that up time and again. The world and his son know about catholic priests now and if a priest can still access a child in NI there will be two accredited people in attendance to prevent abuse. I need clearance to have my job in an engineering setting and also seperate clearance for the driving liscences HMG were good enough to train me for.
No, you are just blustering as usual. This particular form of paedophile grooming involves self-selecting groupings of Pakistani Muslims. They have made that choice. This pattern has been shown to be widespread and continuing.

That there is resentment towards them by reason of their activities and their specific make-up is entirely understandable. Even more so when the authorities have failed in their duty, in consideration of the gangs racial/religious profile rather than in consideration of what is the right thing to do.

It's the police and social services at whom you should be pointing the accusatory finger. It's not anonymous punters on a web forum who have destroyed lives or who have subsequently let down the victims and society, irrespective of what you might believe to be their hidden

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