Third World War?


We have seen it all before. The fomented unrest by filtering your agents in. .Slowly increase the strife, in small steps.... until it reaches Crisis point.Then deny any involvement. So that it settles down.Then another push. Then a change of direction to another area. (Saar)Then, on the pretext of its nationals being ill treated (Sudetenland 1939/40) the tactics are identical. With the knowledge that no one wants to go to war..slowly turn up the heat... another little step in another area or country. Deny any involvement. (The Danzig Corridor 1939) infiltrate until the country is overwhelmed with your people. Then take it over.....Claiming it is the will of the people (Austria)

Having taken one country, Crimea... move on to another..Set up an atrocity on your own people by special forces... and claim you have to move in to defend the people (invasion of Poland) All the while the free nations fed up with war, sit back and twiddle their thumbs.... Why? No one wants to go to war..All the time, the heat increases, until suddenly the enemy are on your doorstep.... and this time with massive forces to starve us out. Fanciful? Fairy dreams? Do you really think so? The last resort of a starving nation .....With no alternative to a slow death by starvation for all its peoples...Nuclear war.. Fanciful? Really? Listen very carefully.... the knell of doom rings in the distance. hardly audible yet..... growing ever louder in tiny steps until the noise overwhelms.......Too late ...too late...Thankfully I will not be here to experience what is to come......This time !

Look around. Look around..... Watch and see it happen.
Nope, Putin's got a couple more countries to go before everyone else gets really angry.

They gave Hitler Austria and Czechoslovakia before we got involved.
I don't think anybody can afford to have a war right now. Even the Americans are down to their last 13 aircraft carriers.

Also, we've sent 4 Typhoons to Latvia to keep Putin out of the Baltic states. IIRC, in my day, the Soviet Fleet Air Arm had over 4,000 aircraft on its books.

I see Ukraine is talking about joining NATO. What would that mean? The rest of NATO sending troops to remove the Russians? Who would be willing to get into a fight like that?


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Ukraine is still a long way off from getting its house in order, the leadership is still not totally settled, so any boots on the ground would be fatal for Nato or the UN, as the support is not available or tried and tested
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What benefit is there for any western state in defending Ukraine from Russia?
Maybe we should try and get Hugo for uniform design first?

When George Bush was Commander in Chief he was hacked off to be the only bloke in the US armed forces who didn't have a uniform. (Couldn't wear the old Air National Guard uniform as he dodged Vietnam).

He though along the same lines as you and got Hugo Boss in but they seem to be stuck in the past.


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