Third time lucky Fiennes Climbs Everest



Raising money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity, four years after his first attempt ended in a heart attack a thousand feet from the summit, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has reached the top of Everest. He's oldest Briton to do so. Exhaustion forced him to turn back when he tried to climb it last year.
Tremaine said:
.........Exhaustion forced him to turn back when he tried to climb it last year. /quote] a heart attack the first time he tried!

The Baronet fits my definition of: 'NAILS'.

I realise that Sir Ranulph, as an Etonian, will be disqualified from universal approval in this corrupt and dishonest, and 'ashie' and parapuke', infested nation.
Not bad for an OAP who has hardly any toes and lost most of his fingers on the left hand.
Alsacien said:
An outstanding man, truly inspirational achievements have been his forte all his life.
You want his babies, don't you?
Fair play to him!! showing true british grit :D


When the chips are down, reading a few of Rann's books or listening to his tapes, certainly picked me up, "Mind Over Matter", for one, in the past. Mr "Mad, Bad and dangerous to Know" said on TV tonight that he just constantly thinks "Plod on". This guy doesn't mind passing on the secrets to getting big balls, at all :wink: NAILS, indeed.

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