Third Think Iraq war was right

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by green_slime, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. BBC News

    Two points spring to mind - right in what context, that we prevented WMD proliferation and protected our nation's interests, or that we removed Sadam?

    The other point; is this lowest 'approval' rate for a war that we have 'won' ever?
  2. That third of people probably haven't cared enough to think things through.
    Or maybe having made the error of giving their support to the war in the begining some of them are unable to face up to their error. Then there are those people who for a variety of reasons (peace at any price being one of them) will go along with the coventional view come what may.

    It would be interesting to ask those third a series of other questions in order to find out how many types inside that third there are. The anti war people 'cared' more than a lot of people who supported it.
    If for instance the Iraqi resistance had been able and so inclined to regularly perform raids of sabotage and terrorism in Britain over the past four years that one third support would have quickly dissapeared soon enough. Ask them how much they personally would be prepared to suffer and still support the war and you'd find their support quickly wavering.
    That support I suspect is rather soft, offered more in a 'well its no skin off my nose' kind of way. I personally find it slightly distasteful people living comfortable war free lives supporting a war far away.
    Of course there will be some not dishonourable people who will support the war because British troops are involved and therefore consider it their duty to do so for the duration.
  3. "It would be interesting to ask those third a series of other questions in order to find out how many types inside that third there are."

    Ask away.
  4. It would be factually more correct to say that the majority (two thirds) think it was wrong!

    Typical BBC spin on a story!

  5. Bert - so which, or both, of my intial comments to do concur with? WMD or regime change?
  6. Well you are not the whole third are you?
    I would ask you why you supported the Iraq war on another thread but this thread is about a demographic so I wont.
  7. Technically neither. But if I have to choose one, regime change.
  8. I don't see this as BBC spin, the third supporting is the header because that's the bit they're surprised about. And the bit they assume everyone else will be surprised about.
  9. 29%? So why a word 'third' was used?

    'Third' - 33.3%
    'Quarter' - 25%

    From formal point of view a 'quarter' is a better approximation.
  10. Cared so much they were prepared to let millions more die under a despot.
  11. Incorrect, as there could be a 'no opinion' option.
  12. Awol - that comment is neither accurate or appropriate.

    It is just a soundbite to avoid rigourous debate.
  13. I'm afraid that in certain cases it is very accurate and very appropriate.

    Unless of course,you are qualified to speak for the entire anti-war movement? In which case I apologise.
  14. I was a serving member of the forces at the time of the conflict and was certianly not anti-war, but then neither was I particularly pro-war. I was provelidged to have access to the raw data for the dodgy dossier and was not impressed by the formal reasons for the conflict.

    Then neither was I convinced that military action the most appropriate course when dealing with this type of state.

    The plight of innocents must be considered, but the long term damage to the political, economic and legal structures on a global scale due to the pre-emptive use of military force has jeapordised more lives in the future.