Third terror suspect has disappeared, Reid admits

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. What the fcuks a control order going to do anyway?
    "Scary bit of paper that is, i better stay inside less i get another one"

    Taking legs off at kneecaps, that would stop people doing runners!
  2. Oh. Well that's alright then.
  3. Well I'd rather he was over there than over here then but if he's not a direct threat to the public in the UK why the hell is he subject to a control order? In case he starts having bad thoughts? It's hardly likely to do anything other than radicalise him even further.

    'kin farce
  4. Control orders are the result of the Govt not being able to pass all their anti-terrorism laws through Parliament and the House of Frauds!

    Apparently the next best thing to locking up suspected terrorists and throwing away the key, is to send them nasty sounding letters requesting that they report to the local old bill daily and hand in their passport.

    I feel so safe now that Mr Terrorist has handed in his passport and reported to the local desk Sgt every night! That will stop him blowing up LU at 0900 in the morning!!!

    Thank fcuk for BFG!
  5. Control orders are now being suggested for other crimes. I 'm not sure that the New Labour approach goes far enough. why not make everybody subject to a control order. then if a breach is detected, they could be prosecuted possibly in front of a jury before being sent to an actual prison, at hard labour...oops!
  6. Cuddles i've read your extreme views on other posts! Putting suspected criminals in front of a jury may just work, but sending them to an actual prison? These extreme, radical, suggestions will never work, never!
  7. Control Order = Load of Bóllócks

    What the order should be is:

    'That man - one round' then give the body [minus all good organs] to the parents who spawned the creature to bury at their cost.

    How long before this shíte government realise they are being taken for the utter prátts they have turned out to be?
  8. Remember the saying "We have to be right every time, the terrorist only needs to get it right once?"
    3rd one we have lost - odds getting smaller.