Third term within our grasp - Blair


Tony Blair has set his sights on winning an historic third term in power after surviving a difficult week.
Mr Blair warned left-wingers not to return to the in-fighting which kept the party out of power for 18 years.

He told Labour's National Policy Forum at Warwick University that winning the next general election is within the party's power.

"We have that possibility within our grasp. We have come through an immensely difficult time," he added.

He said a return to confrontations within the party risked throwing away Labour's dream of a third term.
No you won't. Not without the biggest fight you have ever seen in an Election campaign. There is no way we'll let you take it for granted, you insolent, arrogant, smirking charlatan :evil:

I wish I could remember that speech that Sir Ralph Richardson, playing the British Ambassador in Switzerland ,gave Curt Jurgens in the film "The Battle of Britain" but it sums up exactly how I feel.
MrPVRd said:
I'm looking forward to the fight! Hope he blubs like a baby on the morning after! :twisted:
Thank you..... a few moments with that thought has given me that deep warm glowing feeling that you get occasionally when something occurs that is truly just and right. :)
The unthinkable crossed my mind as I was carrying out fatigues under the watchful eye of the Mrs.

Bliar has tackled, and will tackle, issues that he feels he is right about, even in the face of stiff opposition and even common sense. Europe, Iraq etc.

He has also pi$$ed over the UK constitution, notably by scrapping the post of Lord Chancellor and subsequently discovering he wasn't allowed to!

What if he is thinking the unthinkable? What if he has his eye on the top top job? What if, at the end of the reign of HMQEII, he decides to go for the top job as "President Blair"?!?!?!?!? :evil: :evil:

In that case, man the barricades!!!!
The only barricades i'll be manning are the one's outside my Fire Station.
Suspect Mr Bliar is getting ready to send you lot onto our stations if we strike again!!!!
Don't be pawns in his little game lads and lasses!!!
See you at the station soon!!!

p.s i'll get the Tea and toast on!!! :lol:
It'll be the Salvation Army driving fire engines at this rate!! You can buy "War Cry" for a small donation after you are rescued!
I agree mate.....there will be **** all Great about Britain once this Govt has finished with it!!!!

Under paid
Under Funded
Under Attack
Under New Labour :twisted:
I had a bit of a Ralph Richardson moment myself when I heard this:

'It's unforgiveable.... I actually lost my temper!'

Bliar's complete arrogance is truly incredible. As if his appointment of the pansy Mandelson, yet another crony, as EU Commissioner, was not enough.

Hopefully Neue Arbeit will take a huge kicking in the by-election in Hartlepool, and enthuse the electorate enough to get rid of this corrupt and immoral gang at the general election.
Although Teflon Tony is a cnut, who else out there is going to get youre vote ,There all cnuts :evil:
Corporal said:
Are there any term limits for the PM or can they stay in office so long as they keep winning elections?
I do admire your system two terms in office and theres the door.

It is not healthy for any leader beyond that , they become democratic dictators.

In essence, they believe their own Bullshite. :evil:
monkeyspanker said:
PG...........George W does already!
Indeed, as do a lot nearer home.

The standard of world leaders at the moment is utter crap in power and the oppostion is just as woefull :idea:

Bodica, come back , your nation needs you urgently :roll:
PTP, d'you mean:

We're not easily frightened. Also, we know how hard it is for an army to cross the channel. Last little corporal who tried came a-cropper. So don't threaten or dictate to us until you're marching up Whitehall! And even then we won't listen.

Fantastic, just what I was referring to.

But it's even more stirring in it's complete form, after Jurgens says that "The Furheur is prepared to offer terms"

It's that wonderful moment , so well conveyed, that the nation will always fight against those that would enslave it, it's people, values and principles.

I think I'll go out and buy the DVD tomorrow. :D

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