Third of young Japanese men not interested in sex !

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex_colonial, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Third of young Japanese men not interested in sex - Telegraph
    More than a third of Japanese males aged between 16 and 19 have no interest in or are actively averse to sex, according to a government survey."
    Is this the start of a trend or just the Japanese being weird?
    Shame the stats dont apply to most if not all of the third world! It would soon sort out the overpopulation problems!
    On a lighter note Arrsers might find a lot of the young women there would be desperate for a shag!
  2. It may be the land of the rising sun, but it sure isn't the land of the rising boner
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  3. This seems to completely contradict their world-renowned reputation for porn!
  4. From what I've seen, erm sorry, been told about, its mainly Eastern Europeans starring now! The Japs seem to favour cartoon characters, possibly as a result of not being able to find enough suitable young men locally!!
  5. I wouldnt be that interested in sex if my average penis length was 5.35" either! It be too embarrased to wave it at anyone in anger!
  6. It just means they have no interest in sex with girls.

    Aliens, robots, cartoon characters and furry animals, however...
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  7. You seen any Japanese porn lately? All the good bits are pixelated out and even when they aren't all you can see is bush. And the noises... dear god the noises.
  8. If there are any young Japanese scutters worried that they are not getting their fair ration?
    I'm here to help.
  9. Possibly it makes sense too? I know this is all brainy and so out of place here but: If all the normal types aren't interested in ladies, that only leaves the deviant perverts to make the films. Hence the... ummm... "Artistic" bent the films go to?
  10. If English girls had pixelated privates, I wouldn't be interested either.
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  11. Japan's just a weird place.

    This is not necessarily bad news for us big westerners though. Apparently there is some clubbing district in Tokyo called Roppongi where Japanese birds like to go to pick up Western men (you have to be careful you don't get spiked and wake up with all your stuff gone though)

  12. You could try waving it at Jarrod with a big smile on your face......
  13. .
    They're too busy wanking over robots that shit over realistic rubber dolls that vomit over Power Rangers that piss over crazy dinosaurs that live under the sea.
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