"Third of young Japanese men not interested in sex"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OllieReeder, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Report in the Daily Telegraph claiming that 35% of Jap males in their late teens are not interested in sex.

    Third of young Japanese men not interested in sex - Telegraph

    Now, the Japanese are, to be generous, a wierd bunch. And at the risk of appearing a xenophobe, I cannot say I am weeping at the prospect of their population declining.

    But why? All I can conclude is that the power of web porn, especially those specialist and exotic flavours seemingly so beloved in the Nipponese isles, mean that for a Japanese 17 year old male the prospect of fumbling around with an equally inexperienced real, live 17 year old female is so blatantly going to be a disappointment compared with the chance to exercise his wrist admiring some artisticly lit flexible professional hanging from ropes, covered in a variety of fluids, etc, etc.
  2. Maybe 33% of the Japanese female population are all frigid.

    The whole 'Meh, I'm not interested in sex' could just be a dignity-saving cover up for 'I get rejected all the f***ing time, and I've instead resorted to not trying'.
  3. This is a cry for help from the women of Japan. I'll be on my way there.
  4. Shame they didn't feel this way circa 1915...or about "Comfort Women" twenty five years later...fucking creeps. Fuck them all except six and we'll use them for pall-bearers.
  5. Well, I was thinking Cuddles that, following your admission on another thread, that that meant a lot of vulnerable young Japanese females available for a hate-fuck...
  6. Did that in the early 1990s...so last century.
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Probably has something to do with the fact that most of their porn is pixilated with that shitty mosaic pattern, meaning you can't see anything. Most of the young 'uns probably think they have deformed cocks because theirs aint pixillated. Quite why they need to censor 4 guys pissing into a chained - up birds vet's neck - collar (like the ones dogs wear to prevent them licking their bollocks) is beyond me though.
  8. Fair enough. But no statute of limitations on reminding new generations that we haven't forgiven them yet.
  9. Maybe these figures are wrong. the 33% comes from the way they conducted the survey.

    let me explain. The other dinner I was off to the bank when I spied those annoying Bernardos twats flouting round. You know the ones, the bouncy little fcukers with a face full of metal, dreadlocks and a clipboard.

    I think I've swerved them when one jumps out of nowhere.

    "Hiya mate, got a second to answer some questions?"

    "Not fcuking interested"

    And there you have it, another tick under not interested.
  10. I would think it is probably more fear of whatever is wielding those fucking tentacles.!
  11. Shouldn't this mean that 2/3 of Japanese males are getting extra?
  12. Manga/Hentai, demon rape movies on young pretty girls.
  13. I don't know, The Duke of Edinburgh follows Japan closely, although strictly speaking he's not an Englishman.
  14. Not sure these chaps understand it either....

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  15. I found it on my monkey sex hard drive. I'm not their agent, alas. They're being looked after by these two (half price for sailors)

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