Third Attempt at AOSB

Does anyone have experience of waiving the 'two strikes and you're out' rule or having another go at AOSB several years after failing twice?
I failed RCB twice as a 17/ 18 year old in 2005. Unfortunately I had my heart set on a Gap Year Commission, hence the two tries before I had properly grown up, but I failed ultimately due to a lack of physical determination and confidence. Since then I have graduated and work in financial services managing a reasonably large and experienced team.
I joined the TA at university and am currently a JNCO with operational service on Herrick and an arduous course under my belt. My OC had bought up commissioning quite early on post degree but I made clear that the fail at RCB ruled me out. My Sqn has always suffered from a distinct lack of troopies due to the lack of a close UOTC meaning that any appeal to AOSB would have the explicit support of my CO, especially as to confirming that I have ironed out the character defects identified when I was a teenager.
I cannot go for an LE commission until I reach WO2 due to Corps rules and whilst I enjoy being a junior, I can't help feeling that I can give more to my Regt. as a 2Lt than as a corporal.
I have never come across an exception to the 2 attempts rule. However, I've never come across the third attempt being as a TA soldier. What did the OC say when you told him you'd already had 2 goes?
I would investigate whether the normal rule of two attempts at a Regular Commission also applies to TA Commissions. It is possible it does not. I probably hold the world record for visits to what was then the Regular Commissions Board at Westbury.

I first went there to apply to go to Welbeck, which I passed but turned down to stay on at 6th form at my school. I then applied for an Army Scholarship, which I was not accepted for (but there were, and still are, very few of these).

A bit later I applied for a normal Regular Commissions Board (aged 17 and a bit immature) on which I was given a "deferred watch" (ie come back later). I joined up on an "O" Type engagement (ie Potential Officer entitled to attend an RCB and leave if not successful) and did basic training as a soldier, which was undoubtedly very good at making me grow up. I went back to RCB again and passed for a Short Service Commission. In those days SSC Officers were trained at Mons OCS in Aldershot and I was commissioned a month before my 19th birthday, making me the youngest officer in the Army until the next batch passed out. Finally after 3 years SSC I applied to convert to a Regular Commission. In those days you had to go to RCB at Westbury again, which I did. All the candidates on that particular selection board were doing the same as me, and most of us had served as SSC officers in Aden or Borneo, so not surprisingly we all passed. I had 30 very enjoyable years in the Army leaving as a Lieutenant Colonel for a second civilian career.

My point is that in my experience it was not necessarily just two visits to AOSB (I did five), but two visits for exactly the same Board. I do not know whether a TA Commisssioning Board is absolutely the same as a Regular Commissioning Board. Really check the regulations and even if you do not qualify put up a special case backed by your COs recommendation.

There is a famous old quote that "Rules should be for the guidance of wise men and slavish obedience of fools".


If any of your attempts were made when you were under 18, it is quite possible that you will be allowed to return for another attempt at AOSB as these normally would not count against you. The answer is to apply and see what happens.
If you still retain your report from Westbury, re-reading it from the perspective of your greater maturity should provide you with a clearer understanding not only of your then weaknesses, but also how much you can honestly claim to have changed.

That said, with a strong recommendation from your CoC, what exactly have you to lose?
Some good advice above OP. I failed AIB the first time due to a perceived lack of maturity and thankfully it allowed me to go onto uni and then reapply successfully having grown up a bit. I don't think you'll get a clear cut answer, just go for it, what have you got to lose as another poster pointed out. If anything, at least it will show determination which can't be a bad thnig. Good luck.
Thank you all, getting on with it and putting an application in, whilst getting my CO to sort out a decent case for me is exactly what I shall do. There seems to be lack of knowledge on the current process in the regiment, especially post Capita, so it will be interesting to see if my application makes it past that stage and gets in front of a grownup at Westbury. Hopefully wise men will prevail!

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