Thinking with his (small?) D**k

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I'll try and get it in the right forum this time...........

Gents/Ladies - if there are any on this site

I am after a little advice on a personal matter.............

Until recently, a very good friend of mine, still serving, has gone off the rails a bit, walked out on his mrs and has little to do with his son after many promises to visit, turns up late or not at all for his fatherly responsibilities etc etc.

Aggravated by the fact that he has now shacked up with a new bird, although still married and a serving Officer............

After 17 years of friendship, many a shared beer, tour, girlfriend etc etc I have suddenly been cast as the "Hostile witness" in the divorce proceedings, along with a cast of many distinguished others, some hard core arrsers too.

I am absolutely convinced that this is being driven by the 'other' woman currently but after all that the question is.....

Do I sit back and wait for him to see sense and move his bollox from in front of his eyes or do I say F**k him and ditch 17 years of extremely good friendship and move in on his ex.........only joking, or do I just move on?

Any advice, abuse or whatever most grateful.........
A true friend always returns. Wait till he comes to you sense always prevails.
Women make fools of us all from time to time, I know I was beguiled into acting like a lovestruck teenager when I was pushing thirty.
Give him some time and space, hopefully, he'll wise up and realise that theres a price to be paid for abandoning his past.
Wives/Girlfriends come and go like passing ships in the night...But mates will see you through thick and thin even if you do not agree at the time..Just be there when it all goes t*ts up...

Like above...Give him space for now..
All fair comments and fairly well what I expect may happen.

My only concern is will his pride get in the way in the months to come and prevent him making the call.

Worryingly he was the sensible one and there for me when I went through a divorce some years ago. Only he won't remember the advice he gave me and makes all the same mistakes.

I worries me to a point and feel that the publicity around 'the shot' and places east may have some serious repercussions on his future career........
Let him know your door is open, everybody needs a friend. Pride comes before a fall, he will remember he helped you.
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