Thinking Skills Course instead of nick .. you couldn't write it as fiction

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Ipswich: Teenager who burgled neighbour

    First there was communication skills. Then inter and intra personal skills and assertiveness skills and blah de blah.

    Clearly the reason those skills courses bore no fruit was that students attended without the gateway qualification of "Thinking skills".

    I would put money that the first skillful thought the lad experienced was "Wot a result"
  2. Makes a change from a safari & possibly slightly cheaper :- Safari Boy back in court for his 112th crime - Telegraph
  3. That obviously the only way to stop people breaking the law is to send them to nick. Any attempts to rehabilitate people by making them do courses, which might prove productive and help them gain employment, should be stopped immediately.
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  4. [​IMG]

    I think that is very good sentance, the right amount of rod, maybe a bit more help would be handy but we don't really know what hte course is, but much better than putting him in a nick to learn more bad habits and start the descent.

    Be interesting if the sentence could include education as well.
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  5. I think your sarcasm detector needs calibrating.
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  6. We need a sarcasm emoticon...
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  7. It might work if it doesnt jail him next time.
  8. Harrumph!!

    I'd hand the bloody lot of 'em so that prison places would be freed up for real criminals.
  9. Send him to chokey and he'd be on a noshing and tasting course he might not want to reoffend for.

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  10. You need a Thinking Skills course.
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  11. Not unless he's a threat to somebody and requires removal from society.

    Might I suggest...
  12. Unfortunately he is more likely to be sent down.
    (I think a wound at El Alamein, would carry more weight with the court ;-) ).
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  13. He's had 11 years of free schooling trying to teach him some basic skills and how to be a decent human being. What makes anyone think a "thinking skills" course will make a difference.

    I'd say that community service would be the way ahead but I have seen no evidence that these schemes amount to much more than showing up, ticking off the hours and sitting around pondering about the harm they may have done.
  14. I thought Judges said that breaking in to houses was dead brave. Give the lad a medal I say.