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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by badgerface, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Alright Guys,

    Right, I'm new to this excellent forum, got loads of information etc. from it so keep up the good work!

    Had my BARB the other day (got 65) and I want to go into HUMINT and go darkside.... trouble is, I am getting the impression from people on this forum that its uber mega seriously hard to get into, not that i'm not up for a challenge, but what the point if Ill get rejected at first hurdle. I have GCSE's and A-level (no degree), too old to be officer (27 now).

    Wondering if anyone has any info on int.corps training after phase 1 basic.


    PS - I've looked at army website, but want other people's opinions to get some clarity.

  2. Try using one of the stickies rather than start a new thread - also read them and try the search function.
  3. Join the RAF and have a career!
  4. Hi badgerface,

    First thing I'll point out is...
    Go for it and make sure you have a well thought out back-up that you'd still really want to do as a career. You can't simply not apply because you think you MIGHT not manage to get through it. The whole attitude of the army is that you should be pushing and challenging yourself, you shouldn't be thinking "oh I can easily get this role... I'll apply for that".

    I have no info on Int.Corps training but if you are serious about wanting to get into HUMINT then give it some real effort and if you don't get in then you're not meant for that role...