Thinking of trying to transfer to RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by bdfl1975, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. AS the headline says, i possibly looking to transfer from my Reg as i have realized that i am possibly in the wrong job. I have narrowed my search down to 3 jobs that I'm thinking about.

    Driver / Tank Transporter or
    Petroleum Operator.

    Could anybody give me some info about which regiments that i would be looking to find information on.

    Thanks in advance
  2. What are you transferring from and how long have you got left?

    Of the three you have listed Pet Op would probably be your best. If you have done a little time you will soon get thredders being a new driver.

    If you are transferring due to lack of promotion in your current cap badge then Ammo Tech is the way forward.
  3. Being one of Gods Finest (and before anyone in my trade shouts "but CH your a Trog!), like Dingerr said Pet Op would be a better choice.
    But depends how old you are or what rank.
    I'll say this now and its no surprise to anyone in my trade what my feelings are but if you are a Cpl dont do it. Pte/LCpl no dramas but as a Cpl you end up just getting sent on PetOp trade courses to get you upgraded with no trade experience to go with it.
    That aside, there are 3 Units in Germany, 2 of which are SNCO's only.
    There are 6 in UK, some ranging from Regt's in Aldershot, 1Unit which again is SNCO's only and Cdo/Airborne.
    You will get to drive trucks more than likely, if you get oppurtunities like i do more than a driver!
    There are qualifications you can gain for civvy street but you will not walk into a job in ESSO Fawley, although some have!
    It can be hard work, but you will get around a bit and if deploying to HERRICK you can be in BASTION, FOB's or take part in MOG operations.
    Speak to your RCMO about it for info.
  4. Don't listen to CH90210.... he's a trog! So much so that he has invented a unit that no-one knows about. ;) He's pretty much spot on about the rest of it though, which is surprising for a trog. What job are stuck in at the moment? Are you an AT? We have a couple who chinned that trade off (not me before anyone starts and they didn't chin me off either) one who is now a missile tech in the US Army after being a Pet Op and one who has just hit wubbleoh2 after coming to the light as a tom in 1998. Nowt wrong with any of the trades in the RLC (apart from trogs , AT's, Suppliers, Chefs, Maritime, etc etc ) why are you narrowing your options to those 3? We also have attachments to all the usual locations (Canada, Kenya, Belize, Falklands etc). On the downside You will stink to high hell when in the field, you will be knackered, wet, cold, miserable, hot, dusty and surrounded by lads that fight with their own shadows (and in some cases lose) you'll never want for cutlery as you can get a ready supply from your back. You can take comfort from the fact that we work longer, harder and better than anybody else in the Corps and as a Pet Op you will be sexually attractive to every species under the sun ( I know of Pet Ops who are that sexy they could only have sex with other Pet Ops) get shed loads of wonga from the higher pay band and best of all the SSM can't say nuffink about the dazzling anti-shine of your boots. Pet Op crunch crunchBe a Pest!
  5. All that effort BPS and your still not half as good as an AT. Shame that :D
  6. What about Driver Rad Op / Communications or whatever they call it now?

    As with the above threads, it's all about what you want to do. Are you on the promotion ladder? How long have you left?
    Why the RLC, do you have much experience of working with the RLC? I transferred into the RAOC (Pre-RLC) and was shocked by my own naivety. Coming from a Teeth arm I expected everyone to be sat around stacking blankets and dipping oil levels all day. Er. . . Wrong!

    If you think it's all cushy REMF stuff then think again, however . . (Before someone starts) there are plenty of postings where it is slipper city and where the RLC's reputation as slackers is justified.

    As Dingerr said why not AT? Plenty of versatility. good money and good promotion prospects. There's always the supplier side. Alright, it can be a little boring in warehsouses all day, but generally, what you do in barracks is what you do on Ops, secondly there's scope for good postings, course's and attachments.

    Post on here what you do currently and what you would like to do in regards to indoor or outdoor/promotion/getting-around the world/versatility/boredom freshold.

    The RLC is a big corps, hell they even named it as so, so possibly widen to more than driving trades. More often than not you'll get the gucci licences in other trades not necessarily in the driver-ish role.
  7. You know I love you all really don't you? Apart from a skinny ginger bloke in 1998 (Lipa) who tried to get all Sergeanty on me and me mucker. Spent many an hour banging on our ceiling (his floor) and then feigning innocence. I think he went a bit mental after 6 months of trying only be told to prove it!!!! I also received an award off an AT once for "having the best night out" - cost me a 4 year stand still and a £750 fine but that cheap nasty nut and bolt man means the world to me. I get all misty eyed when I think of the disappointing dems day we were dragged out on. Great big pit? check! shit loads of ammo to get rid of? check! exciteable large Pet Op removed to a safe distance? check! poxy ******* fire with the odd rice crispy moment (snap crackle pop)? whoopety fucking do! Bastards conned me into thinking it would be like a proper pet op fire with flames leaping 100's of feet into the air and black smoke spreading jade goody cancers all over the planet. No such joy. Boring buggers never pissed around once. That's why I take the piss. You lot need to let yer balding hair down and have good old fashioned pyro/ ammo fight!!!!
  8. Postie trade is starting to pickup on the promotion front, and some very good posting from the rank of Sgt
  9. As long as you can stand the stigma:

  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm in the RA at the moment. I joined very, very late at 32. Been in 18 months, so i still have quite a while left and not on the promo ladder yet either. I'm looking at the driver trades as i really enjoy driving. Not afraid of hard work or banging the hour's in. I prefer to work outdoors inn the summer but getting cold, shitty and wet in winter is part of the job so that don't bother me either. The more places that i can get to in the job the better as far as I'm concerned, whether its UK, Germany, BATUS or Stan. I also like my brain to be used a lot as i can get board really easy.
  11. That's going on a t-shirt !
  12. Driver is not the job for you then. You will get bored very quick. As has been said in previous posts driving can be /is undertaken in most trades in the RLC.

    Try and visit a few RLC units to get an idea of what you're getting into.
  13. Are his initials CM? If so that cunt is out. A fucking disgrace to the trade and universally hated, but we all have our cross to bear - like jesus the little prick should have been crucified.

    Problem being that the Wedge make complete arses of themselves when demming shit, and we mock them for it (anything more than one item and they struggle).

    To arse about ourselves would only lead to wedge retribution. However there are more than a few of use that have possibly been a little closer than we should be on a couple of occasions.
  14. First job i did was a postman when i left school, so i think il pass on that 1
  15. You'll spend a lot of cold and wet times on the park doing A jobs then!!!! :lol: