Thinking of transferring to the Inf

Im currently thinking of transferring from a specailist engineer unit to a local independent one. After what will soon be 5 years service im getting a bit bit bored of the lack of activity between training weekends and the travelling (150miles) to a central location when it is on. I did my jnco cadre last year coming in the top 5 and though I like being a sapper I reckon the infantry would be more up my street. The nearest regiment would be the KCR so im just after any clues as to what this unit is like and wheher id keep my rank of Lcpl? and whether it is sraightforward just to transfer in :?
It could be the 4th Bn the Duke Of Lancasters Regiment now - depending where you are. You might find that they have an Assault Pioneer section whwere you would fit in - if not you could keep your rank dependent on further training. Ask them & find out

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