Thinking of transferring to REME TECH SUPPORT SPECLIALIST

Another name for a wobbly head. To much brain and no enough common.
The tarmac techs.
"REME uses hundreds of tools and specialised pieces of equipment to keep the Army up and running.

One of the roles of the TS Spec is to look after this, and help the tradesmen and women get their job done right first time."

So, storeman then.
That trade did not exist when I left REME and that was early 2007.
I hope it does not exist now.

A REME TECH SUPPORT SPECIALIST (specialising in issuing small spanners to techs) and a REME MECH SUPPORT SPECIALIST (specialising in issuing large spannes to the black-hand trades) I could accept.

But a REME TECH SUPPORT SPECLIALIST ? WTF????? We are supposed to be educated.

And these new terms are doing an injustice to the G1098 storeman.
I experienced a few who were so clued up they were sitting in Wksp HQ on Ex listening to the Sparedems coming in, and as soon as it was for something out of the ordinary, would realise that certain special tools would be required for the job that were held not at fitter section level but held in the G1098 and would be straight out making sure they went forward along with the required qtys of the necessary loctites accompanying the new part.
So, g10 & RS combined? Hmmm
Now that could have been (or could be) a nightmare.
Just as you manage to justify to the "G10" part of them that the special tool is required for you to do your job and they have to release it from the stores, the "RS"-head kicks in and they "jail" it for being filthy on parade (ie dusty when required).

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