Thinking of transfering to RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by blondebond007, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi im thinking of transfering to the RMP but not sure if i really want to go back to training (yes i no, i no its so much easier than years ago) anyone done the course as a transferie or anyone no what its like as a transferee down at soutwick park? do u still get treated like a crow regardless of rank?
  2. What rank are you????

    As an aside I do hope that your command of the English language is better than your message would suggest, then again it really won't matter with the standard of some people we have coming in right now!

    Best of luck.
  3. Sgt, sorry at work so typing quick - many apologies about my grammer
  4. Any apologies about your spelling?
  5. I don't really think that the level of people's spelling has much to do with policing/soldiering qualities.

    Some people can and some people cannot spell - it doesn't make those who can any better!
  6. Maybe so, I just assumed (possibly incorrectly) that the RMP would need to be of a high standard in regards to their English skills.
  7. come on dont slate him!!! thats why god invented spell checker!!!! oh and write very small when you cant remember how to spell a word :).

    but why transfer? its not an easy option anymore into the civy bill? everyone is in the same sh$ty job, long hours, long time away oh and tour after tour!
  8. When exactly was it an easy option into the civvy bill, Conco?
    If the poster is a Sgt as said, then surely any experience of life in general (s)he brings would be more of an asset than the ability to spell correctly?
    Anyway to answer the original post: in my experience how transferees are treated is very much dependent on who your instructors are. Gone are the days when phase two RMP instructors were selected for maturity, experience etc and many are confused by their perceived status. The good ones will treat you with the respect you deserve (ie, are you a good soldier or are you a pain in the ar*e?) Due to bizarre circumstances, I went through with 2 tapes on my arm having served nearly 2 years with the same capbadge and was generally treated very well. However, there were the occasional idiots determined to make life difficult because they were instructors.
    I'm guessing Blondebond realises a reduction in rank would be inbound on transfer?
    Speaking to guys coming out of Southwick Park now, things are a lot easier (due to the RAF influence?) Students don't even have to march around camp . The military ethos and self-discipline in these newbies is also somewhat short of the mark.
  9. thanks for the comment northern monkey!
    and yes i do realise that i will probably lose a stripe with the transfer! but being currently in a lower pay band job, the main rason for transferring is because im lookag at doing the full hog and dont want to be in a lower pay band job! it is depressing after all that a sgt on lower gets paid less than a cpl on higher!!!
    anyway thanks for your help guys!
  10. Hmm, not exactly Miss/Mrs/(Mr?) current affairs are you?

    Have you looked at RMP (GPD) pay scales at all? Or are you content to revert to Cpl and then stay there?
  11. My response would be look elsewhere! The capbadge is currently on its arse! The addage 'lions led by donkeys' has never been more appropiate and given the meddling in issues (he should really be leaving to others) by the current 'big cheese' I have never known morale lower.
  12. What are you transferring from?

    Depending what you want from your career I'd think long and hard about it. Sadly, crimsontide makes a good point. The corps is not at its best at the minute and disappointingly I don't see things improving in my time left.
  13. All of the above is valid. The grass is not greener on the other side, it's just more grass and it needs weeding and cutting.

    VTs offer a great deal to the 'rich mix' that is the RMP, but take note the pay is as poor as yours, moral dipping and frustration (amongst SNCOs especially) reaching breaking point.

    If this keeps you in the Army by offering a change then welcome aboard, but take a cautionary note from those who are transferring out of the RMP to such exotic jobs as the SPS, REME and Infantry to name just 3.

    Good luck!

  14. Fare point, but its know good if you lack a basic command of your mother tounge. No what I mean?

  15. Fox me! Given the current poor standard of spelling and grammar amongst established members of this capbadge (particularly amongst orrificers!) surely we can accept one more...