thinking of transfering to RMP

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Im thinking of transfering to RMP as I am about to be hoofed out of the REME on my arrse and if you want to know why just look under the post made by my other ID - Gundoc74. I'm a bit of a prick and I just do insist on starting threads about the RMP. Why? I honestly cannot say but it started shortly after I failed my maths test (it's in the other thread, where I am asking for help as I have problems counting).

I'm not really after any advice so just before I get O2 tagged, do yourselves a big favour and do not respond to any of my inane threads like this one and the highly unoriginal 'why do people hate the RMP' one which I thought up after I'd been to the NAAFI and had too much Coca-Cola and Monster Munch.

For I am a c*nt and the closest I would ever get to a warrant card was when one was shoved in my face immediately before being arrested on some trumped up charge of 'being an out and out tosser in a public place with the intention of embarrassing myself'.

You see, it's beyond my comprehension to read up previous threads of such ilk created by the other c*nts whom I am desperate to emulate as I utterly and totally lack any original material.

Perhaps if I spent my time more productively reading my GCSE Maths, I may very well get on in life, instead of being the w*nker that I truly am.

Cheers :D

NB: And remember...ignore my posts and any others made up by low post count tw*ts just like me.

Use the search facility and narrow it to this forum. There are plenty of bods who have asked this question before and they have had some sage advice from posters on this forum.

Crack on! Any more questions don't hesitate to come back :D

There was a thread about VT;s and what they can bring to RMP, read them and if it is what you wnat go for it, there are many opportunities for you and the career path is quite varied. As far as jobs go it is not that bad.

Take the plunge if you do not at least try you may well regret it.

Similar to HTB who is well into the veiney treat and tried it once, loved it and has never looked back.
nitrox121 said:
Im thinking of transfering to RMP
Just wondered if anyone had an advice or can give me a deeper insite into the job,rather than the standard stuff on the army website.

Cheers :D
Go to your nearest RMP station and I'm sure the helpful boys and girls will answer any questions you have.

As far as transferring goes just do it, I'm sure you wont regret it.
Sounds like a great job leave basic training with a tape and prospects! Just what a real man needs!
P.S. I have a small todger.
Sadly, it bars me from the RMP selection process.
Goodram, interesting point of view, NOT!
I joined RMP as a DE, passed out of training with my one tape, but without the bad attitude as you so eloquently put it. I spent my first tour in Germany trying very hard to ensure that squaddies only got done when they deserved to. I never nicked anyone for simply fighting, or being drunk. I argued on numerous occassions with the GCP over traffic accidents, when they put the soldier at fault in spite of obvious evidence to suggest the German was at fault.
At the end of the day mate we aint here to make friends, we are here to lock people up when they do naughty things, if you don't like that then I would suggest that you would never make it as a copper, either RMP or the so called 'real police'.
Remember, most squaddies don't like us until they are the ones requesting our help when they have been burgled/assaulted/ripped off etc, then funnily enough they come a running and realise that we are actually here to do a job. I did point that out to one idiot who was sat in the back of my polcie car early one morning when we realised that some ******** had let the tyres down on the car, he thought it was hysterical, until I pointed out that:
1. We were giving him a lift home because he was drunk and had no money, and
2. We were the only patrol in the area, so when his wife/daughter rung up saying that some strange bloke had just broken into her flat and she was scared we would not be able to attend.
Funnily enough that shut his mouth and the moment of realisation was a sight to behold.
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