Thinking of signing up!! but to what...HELP!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by speedygonzalez, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. ok lads. I know most people are already in the services on here...but Im not :? . yet anyway.

    After getting thoroughly pissed off with civvy life Im definately joining the forces this year. But im struggling to decide which one... :cry:

    Im pushing on a bit in forces terms. I've just turned 30, and know this limits my options slightly....but Ive got some decent qualifications, and doing an officer training course would be ideal.

    Like I say though. Im looking for some opinions from people who are "in" already so to speak!

    Fitness level is currently good...with some hard training could be very good.

    Always had a strong interest in the Royal marines...but the recruiting guy told me on the phone.... quote " your 30?? nah...dont bother mate. Theres loads of 18-25 year old lads wanting to sign up with all these wars on"!!! no shit!!
    Could well have just been the wrong guy on the wrong day...and I could go down in person probably being much better......but??

    What are my army options?? am I too old for the paras?

    All useful info and suggestions greatly appreciated.

    cheers :D
  2. I have known some bone ruperts in my time which I'm sure everyone here can attest to the same thing.

    My Personal opinion and I might get slated for this, but I would fcuk Sandhurst recruiting selection off and get the army's 2lts from our large selection of young, switched on full screws who would make good officers IMO. Who know how to lead men and who would know how to communicate with their NCO's. Something a lot of snotty nosed ruperts (not them all I hasten to add) have no idea about. Put your hands up for 2lt Harry Saxe Gotha as your platoon commander? See there you go :D

    Would you be against signing on as ORs, going in as a private? You'll soon know if you have what it takes to become an officer and if so you can apply for Sandhurst. Apparentley (because I left 12 years ago)
    there are a lot of junior NCO's have a higher education and a degree
    in the army these days because a degree is quite common nowadays.

    There will be somebody more qualified to talk to you about this than me,
    the nearest I got to the ruperts was cooking them beef wellington in the officers mess kitchens... :D cushy as fcuk though!
  3. think this is dangerous advice. as i understand it, you can usually only do that up to age of 25 (unless its just changed with the new upper joining limit).
  4. Is that right CR? Oh I didn't know that. I thought you could apply for a commision within the army at any age. If true I stand corrected then! :oops:
  5. If I were you I would skip the commission and go for the salary.
  6. :lol: That would only be understood by a civvy!
  7. According to the Army Commisioning Regulation 1999, to commission from the ranks you need to be a WO2 with one year in substantive rank, a reccomendation and at least 34 years old.

    This only applies to certain corps though, certain corps (the AGC) will recruit from SSgt, and other corps (AGC(ETS)), you will require a professional qualification.

    Additionally some corps (e.g. RLC) will only commission from WO1.

    There will always be exceptions though, but you will need to justify it fairly well (e.g. a relevant degree or specific experience etc).
  8. Can anyone confirm these regulations? I know of a lass who comissioned into the Royal Engineers having formerly been a Full-Screw in the RMP???Also another lad who was a Private soldier in the WFR is now a Captain in the Royal Signals??? How does that work then???

    Cheers Easy!
  9. How old were these guys?

    The reply as written is directed at the poster who is 30 years old.

    If you are less than 25 then you can commission into whoever will take you, but this is getting into the distinction between an LE and a DE officer and is off topic.
  10. I knew a lad who was getting polished enough for his Sandhurst interview
    and he was a lance jack. He didn't get it in the end but I know the army changes rules and regulations every 5 minutes so thats why I proceeded with the advice with caution! Cheers for the info though!
  11. Thanks for the info guys :)

    I think my best bet is to get my RS into the local army careers office and see what the guys say I am elegible for....

    Will update this thread when ive been!! cheers
  12. speedy I know a lad who's passed the commando course at 37, if you want to go for the marines do it, your not too old unless you feel it.
  13. 49 Para may take you, depends on how many men you've killed.