Thinking of Rejoining, whats the upper age??

Whats the uper age limit for re-joining, did 9yrs and been out a couple, but thinking of going back in.

Plus whats the re-entry fitness critiera? Reading the other posts, I could whip most the young'ens here! (I work out at a gym 1 - 2 times a day)

Any ideas??
I dont know if its duty rumour, but I thought that there was a different upper age for ex-military who want to re-join, as they are already trained and have a reasonable level of fitness.
There is, but it has been dependent on how long you've been out, what rank you attained when you left because it will possibly affect the way your terms of service and pension are applied. I know of a guy who completed 9 yrs service attained rank of cpl left for two years then re-joined as a lcpl and had his colour service start where he left off. Your old regiment will also have something to do with wether they let you re-join, if you are keen to re-join I would try and get in touch with a recruiter from your old regiment and try the process with through that avenue because your case will be dealt with at regimental level.

Whatever you try, good luck.
I just found this info out from the Armys website.

If your outside of Regular Reserve then you can get a short term engagement 1 - 12 years.

If (like me) your still a Regular Reserve then you can rejoin and your term of service carries on where you left off, and you dont have to do all the swearing in etc, because your still technically in the army!!

No age limits apply!!! just fitness. (ok technically, being in the Reg Reserve has an age limit, but im still within it!!)

Im looking at changing Corp, so no need to worry about contacting the old one.
my other half is a rejoin.................he's 38 now and rejoined in september of 2002.Rejoined as a private and is now a corporal.he was in for 9 years and was out for 8.

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