thinking of re-joining

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-org1746, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Too suspecious to believe.
  2. Believe me or not its true what part do you find suspicious.all of it ?
  3. Yeah - like your spelling - sh1te on simple words but spot on with cocaine - rife - minority - habitual..

    You can manage Catterick but not Harrogate.

  4. why the slagging for asking a question so i take it you condon it then
    and im in the wrong for not likeing those who feel its ok do use drugs yet still serve

    shouldnt you be saying thats well out of order these guys should be shot for getting mad with it,instead of taking the piss out of my spelling surley them getting full of pills and coke at the weekends has an effect on there abilty to do there job in theater and therfore putting lifes at risk.
  5. Jesus what a lame attempt

    I must say the drug abuse in EVERY media organisation is beyond rife, this third rate hack would be much better doing exposing his own editor.

    Only ten percent of journos and senior editorial / admin staff in any news organisation you care to name could pass a drug test - and don't get me started on the very well placed and polished marble shelves in the toilets in the House of Commons......
  6. Fcuk off journo
  7. You don't even sound like a squaddie. And what's a 'reg' ??
  8. whats it got to do with journlists
  9. im not a journalist im was asking a serious question i m an ex squaddie left 18 months ago
  10. And so are we..
  11. see thats part of the problem none of you beleave its going on
  12. Are you Spartacus?

  13. no your probably not a real one, because if you were you would know that the new editorial stance of all UK news sources, apart from the BBC, is to be highly supportive of the forces in these dangerous times and save the 'Tommy this and Tommy that' angles for a distant peace time.

    Your a wannbe stringer / handycamer with dreams of media glory to save you from your job at Burger King - well here's some news for you

    Whopper with cheese, small fries, now OK?

    Thats your life tw*t
  14. no im sparticus