Thinking of (re)Applying, but there's a catch

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Number16, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Dear all,

    I posted on this forum a few years ago concerning my initial AOSB. Although my selection was unsuccessful, deemed "risky", I am seriously thinking of reapplying.

    Whilst I enjoy my current job, the benefits, life, pay and prospects are nothing compared to that available in the forces. The trip to get here has been somewhat long-winded. Following my initial AOSB, I've taken a conversion course in Law, and received my LPC - adding a 2:1 LLB to my CV. Nevertheless, the law market is dead on its feet. Whilst I considered Law in the Army, it requires full qualification - something which is hard enough to get anyhow, even without joining the ALS.

    As such, I'm at a crossroads. I could continue in my current job, but that will likely lead no-where, or make one final determined effort to join the forces. However, as mentioned in the title, there's a catch. I've just turned 26. Yes, I realise I'm leaving this late, but I believe it's only now that I can give the best account of myself mentally, and with a fair degree of work, physically.

    I'm more mentally astute that I was in 2009, and am 1/2 stone lighter and able to complete a 3 mile run without too many issues (something I was incapable of doing at the first AOSB). I'm following the "get fit" course available on the Army/ RAF webiste currently, aiming to complete it before I even apply - then push my fitness further in preparation.

    So, that's the history, now - to the point. Whilst I realise it's a risky venture, my attention is drawn to the intelligence corps. The acceptance age is higher than combat forces, and I believe my mental ability is somewhat stronger than my physical side (not blowing my own trumpet mind). Whilst the Army is my first choice, I am also considering the RAF (in which my Father is currently serving).

    How would I best go about joining? Do I follow the same route as I did intially - careers office then AOSB? Or is there something different someone could recommend?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. In all honesty (and I'm sure you'll get some constructive info from fellow arrsers) you're only going to know what your actual options are by getting down to your local ACIO and chatting with them.

    But, given that you're 26 you've only got a short timescale, especially as intakes at RMAS seem to be being more and more restricted.

    And work on your fitness - failing on fitness the first time and now saying that you can complete a 3 miler "without too many issues" does not inspire confidence.

    If you're serious, and this is your last shot, spend all the time you can tabbing around the hills and dales of wherever you live. And then tab som more...

    Best of luck, hope you manage to get in there.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, that's the idea, hammer fitness as much as possible. Major issue is the job - it involves travelling all over the country, setting up a stand for 3-5 days, and then trading. So time for fitness is limited, and my living base isn't assured.

    May join the gym, but I can't scrape the finances together. However, fitness is my number one priority. As for the 3 mile run, whilst it seems a low amount, it was more an indicator that I feel in a better phyisical position now, then I did when I attended my first AOSB. Still not a great standard, but getting there!
  4. I'm not completely certain regarding the age limitations for Sandhurst, however I believe you are too old to join the majority of regiments now without having already passed your AOSB. When I was at my briefing there were two guys who were 27 and both were applying for a certain regiment (which one escapes me) and said it wasn't their preference but was the only one which would take them at their age. Perhaps someone a bit more in the know will come along and give some more accurate details on this though.
  5. Having done my research, I believe this is indeed the case. This is a reason for chosing the Intelligence Corps, and looking at the RAF too. My age is a limiting factor, but I hope it's not a crippling factor.
  6. If the regiments are willing to accept you at a certain age then I can't see it being a crippling factor at all. Being older should in theory give you far more life experience and matury, I say in theory because we all know that some people are complete idiots and won't develop themselves throughout life.

    Get straight to your careers office who will put you in contact with an ACA1 and then you can progress things through there.
  7. Will get onto the Careers office and check with them. Any more information from people would be great!

    Additionally, I live 1 mile from an RAF base. Is it possible to use any resources there to improve my fitness? I realise this is a bit of a numpty Question, but I feel it's better to ask than not
  8. If they have a RAF Auxillary Unit there, there is nothing to stop you joining them whilst your app goes through.
  9. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to commit the time to them due to my job. Best described as "travelling retail", I will have, at best, 2 days back at base camp before taking off again. The main show season begins in 2weeks, then continues till October. I did consider joining the TA, but the same issues presents itself - I wouldn't be there enough to fulfill my commitment
  10. Give it a go, nothing to lose.
  11. As a side point, how recommended is it to join the TA in my current position with a view to Sandhurst? I've read elsewhere that it would be considered poor form to join the ranks with a view to gaining a commission, and I certianly wouldn't want to look a numpty. I simply want to give myself the best opportunity, and the best account of myself

    Edit: Infact, turning back to my decisions post-AOSB (1st time), my 3 options were:

    1) Join the regular army, work hard, work well, in the hope that if I am considered officer material, I will be nominated, or, if not, enjoy a career on the NCO route
    2) Join the TA and apply for AOSB
    3) Train in civvy street and apply for the AOSB

    All 3 would work towards improving physical fitness, confidence, aptitude and so forth.

    At the end of the day, I want to give the very best account of myself at the AOSB. Whilst excuses won't be made, I was never sporty after 6th form due to numerous issues, and am having to make up for the fact now. As indicated previously, I am following the RAF/ Army fitness course online to "get fit", though am only at the beginning. Indeed, I won't kid myself that I'm physically able to perform at the AOSB, though I will be eventually.
  12. I know what you mean... up until very recently (when I decided to initiate my application) I have been happy to sit around drinking too much and eating too much rubbish and doing an few hours a week phys!

    I started the fitness regime from the website two weeks ago and am doing abit more on the side. I am planning on going to briefing at the end on May (as discussed with my ACO) and I'm determined to be on the front foot with everything I can objectively influence (phys, current affairs ect).

    Its not the pushups and situps that I'm bothered with as I can already do the required amount. I'm more worried with the assault course and the beep test but I think I'll be in good stead to demonstrate my commitment and determination by turning myself from someone with a belly and average fitness to someone capable of passing selection. The way I see it, if you attended once and your phys was an issue what better way to prove to the DS than by improving yourself using nothing but your own initiative and drive. I hope to use this as one area to demonstrate why I think I'll be an effective Army officer.

    Good luck to you and if you are like me, stick with it even if you're blowing out your arse on the sprints :)
  13. Well, its a week into training. So far, results are unimpressive

    1.5mile run is 13mins 20, seems that 3 mile run is at a slooooowww pace!
    22 Press ups, (in a minute)
    24 Sit ups (in a minute)

    My aim is to have that 1.5mile down to 10minutes or just above (i.e. 10.30, resulting in a 7minute mile), and to be able to do the required amount of press ups/ sit ups in 2minutes plus more without break.

    However, my issues is this. I don't live in my own place, more "bunk" with relatives until the travelling around the country begins. Add to that my funds aren't healthy (outstanding loans etc). Therefore, I'm unable to join a gym to get fit, or buy a pull-up bar and fit it (there's nothing suitable existing currently at this place).

    As such, I have the Army Fitness .pdf with a series of exercises - press ups, sit ups, twist-sit up, box lift, tri-dips, one-leg squat, step-up with knee raise, dorsal raise, and walking lunge.

    My aim is to reach the aforementioned targets, in combination with a fitness programme (see RAF fitness) due to their text service reminder (I know, I know, but we all need a reminder/ kick *********** at times). This RAF programme is modified to be more challenging than that set, and encompass the additional exercises mentioned above.

    If I take all this into account, and stick to a good schedule, will this be, in someone's best guess, the best way in my current position to get fit enough for the AOSB?
  14. Is this a joke? Are you honestly saying that you can't find 40 minutes a day, even on your travels, to do 2 minutes best effort press ups and sit ups and then run a mile and a half?
    If you want to commission you need to be able to sort yourself out, then your soldiers (who may be at rock bottom), all out of nothing but a shite dust bowl and some sand filled ammo boxes. You don't need an expensive gym membership to get fit. Improvise! I know a bloke who passed selection by running up and down 3 flights of stairs in the block, with all his kit on, every time he had a spare 10 minutes.
    Bottom line is, if you want it bad enough you'll find a way. If you can't be fucked, Welcome to the Royal Signals!
  15. I think you mis-read my post.

    My aim, and plan, is to follow the Army/ RAF fitness program, working on it every day (with appropriate rests for recovery). It wasn't "I can't get to a gym, so I won't do it", more, how can I best improvise if I don't have access to a gym/ pull up bar etc. In otherwords, if I follow those 9 exercises listed above (dorsal, tri-dip et al), plus working on my running, will this be the best "improvisation" I can do?