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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by pebbles56, Nov 3, 2011.

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  1. I have been thinking about joining the army for the past couple of months and have an appointment at my AFCO next week but
    was hoping someone on here could give me a heads up on a couple of questions.

    I am 26 and was laid off 3 months ago, I've always been interested in a career in the forces and think that now could be the right time
    to join the army. I have previous military experience in that I joined the marines when I was 18 but left during training. I then went
    to university and then worked for the company I was with until recently.

    I have bit of a dilemma in that a friend of mine in Australia has offered me a place to stay if I moved out there in search of work.
    So my questions are these, if I were to press ahead with my application how long would it be roughly until i enter phase 1 of training
    for either RMP or the Int corps, that is assuming I pass everything during my application? And given that I left during training in the
    marines before, will this prevent me/delay me from joining the army?

    I intend to discuss this with my ACA but essentially I don't know whether to move to Oz in the next couple of months or press forward
    with my application. It will probably come down to timescales in that I don't know if I can afford to wait 8-9 months to get in as
    employment opportunities in my part of the world are very slim.

    Any advice info would be appreciated.
  2. Look Mavis if you don't really know why not ask Rita Fairclough?
    You've so much dedication Roy Castle will be resurrected and start playing his trumpet.
  3. Go to Oz, it's great down there, but you'd need to apply to emigrate first to be able to work, or apply for a working holiday visa which lasts for a year max.
  4. You have to decide how much you want to join up. If it's not the thing you want most , then go do what you do want most. If it is the thing you want most then Australia, how long you have to wait to get in, etc, etc , won't matter. Many moons ago after getting a start date, my cousin in Canada offered to sponsor me to emigrate there. It took me approx 18hrs to decide that the Army was what I wanted. I was thinking along the lines ' Canada will always be there, the chance to join the Army won't'.
    In your case there is also the thought Australia will always be there. Then there is the chance of lateral transfer a few years down the line, if you do get in. Or you could decide that the Army isn't the thing you want most and apply for a work visa for Australia. You just have to work out which you want most. Whichever decision you make only you can make it.
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  5. To ease your uncertainty, why not join the Australian army? Win, win.
    I'm sure they are looking for keen, decisive, dedicated recruits such as you.
  6. I wouldnt want you in my regiment with an attitude like that go to oz.
    They will soon get pissed with you over there and deport you have you got a sponser ?? Have enough money to last you a year ?
    And do you have a visa ? Oh and the £800 hundred pound minimum flight wouldnt that last you a few months over here to live on ?

    But go i hope it all works out seems like you have the grit to stick at things like you did the marines! Whats the world come to ?
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