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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by HeRbErT1, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone im nw to the site so im a bit wet behind the ears!

    anyway im 20 years old and im thinking about joining, but my querie is that i want to learn and be in the construction management side of things whilst with the army.

    Ive seen like design draughters and etc can lead to qualifications - National Certificate -but ive already gained a National Diploma in Builidng Studies so im just wondering what would happen, is their different levels or stages?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hi Liam and welcome to Old & Bold.

    To answer your question... Depends. Would you consider sodomy before murder to be lucky? Or the other way around?
  3. Due to the fact that you have posted in Old & Bold you may take into consideration that the majority of readers may be a little beyond the normal sell by date and are more in tume with academic qualifications like degrees, HND, HNC and City & Guilds. For my elucidation what exactly is a "National Diploma in Builidng Studies" - ie what is the aim of the diploma and what is covered in it.
    In the MOB all military construction is carried out by the RE.
    Now it all depends on whether you wish to be a Rupert or Squaddie, I am not sure what a National Diploma in Builidng Studies would entitle you to enlist as and what you are suited to (Murder and Sodoma apart - If you want that join the Navy) - There are a quite number of construction type trades in the RE for you to chose from, if you want to be a civil engineer, then of course you will need to become a Rupert or Clerk of works - If the National Diploma in Builidng Studies does not entitle you to enlist as one of the officer class, then you are left with being a tradesman and working your way up the ladder (and acedemic qualifications) to be a Clerk of Works, you can do it in 8-9 years iof you are a good boy.
  4. Hello mate. National Diploma is just a two year course at college rather than 1 year which is national certificate (level 2) where as national diploma is level 3!

    National Diploma is what then leads onto the HNC/D. You learn everything from the mechanics of materials to the bearing capacity of these. You work out loads on beams etc. Health and Safety and all that and sustainability of materials! Just as you would in a HNC course but not as much depth. The thing is (by the way im not looking at doing any trades really) any other construction related job at the lowest level at the end of it you get a National Certificite so i cannot find anything inbetween. thank you anyway.

    cheers Liam