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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by pr0xibus, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Evening guys.

    For a long time now i have thought about joining the army. left school at 16 Done an apprenticeship in baking and finished a degree in computer network management & Design. Now 25 and i think it could be time to consider it.

    1: i was curious what kind of jobs would i be looking at form the above qualifications " I am interested in the computing route anyone else in computers here?"

    2: A friend said i dont have to be fit when i go for basic training as they train you up "is this true? i think the bakery food as taking its toll on me so i aint the fittest in the world"

    3: i have a family "the bird and 2 bairns" if i decided to join and was accepted all the way through. do the army help with accommodation for us or would i have to sort this out myself?

    Thanks in advance
  2. visit your ACIO and ask your recruiter. He will answer all those questions. Also try the joining up section of the forums chances are all those questions have been asked before.
  3. 1. Plenty of jobs in the Army with computer experience ranging from operating them to setting them up and fixing them. R Signals, for example, has a communications system engineer trade but there are plenty of others around. You need to check with your Careers Office for what is available and, also, have a look at some of the topics on this site, especially in the joining up section.
    2. Don't believe your friend. You need to be able to run and carry out other physical tasks. Yes, you will be trained up but only to higher standard. You need to meet the basic standards before you will be considered. Again, look in the joining up sections.
    3. By "the bird" I take it not your wife. No, the Army does not recognise girlfriends, live in lovers or whatever. If you get posted abroad, you will have to make the arrangements to take her and your own accommodation. Same in UK. Being married will get you access to quartering otherwise it's do it yourself. Again, been discussed several times so look at other threads on this site as they are a mine of information.
    Good luck. It's a great life (honest) but it will need commitment from you to get the most out of the system.
  4. 1: Cheers for the lengthy reply mate. When i was looking online at Some of the IT jobs require you to achive a certain rank before you can get that job i.e. "Information Systems Supervisor"is their anyway to get into these jobs straight away if not what job would i be starting from?

    2: Yeah i didnt really believe my mate when he said you didnt have to be fit to join, i better stop running to the bakers from now on lol.

    3: So that means i would have to give the bird what she wants "ring on the finger" not something im willing to do, yet anyway.

    Cheers for the replies
  5. Take note of some of the supervisors roles - They might be for officers, but otherwise it's start at the bottom and work your way up, everybody has to do it that way so there's no shame in that.
    As for the ring on the finger - My view (everybody else could dis-agree) but I would do it. Apart from the accom side of it, you have to look at the realism of going to Afghan. You have 2 kids, if something did happen (God forbid it doesn't, but sadly he doesn't always forbid it) then you would want to make sure that your wife / bird / missus was going to be OK / Sorted. Being married does add soem extra protection with pensions etc. There is also the fact that she would be in a position where she would be in an area with other wifes etc that are in the same boat, other half away, worried, close to camp to visit families officer etc. I know some of the younger wifes sometimes pop back ot their mothers whilst hubbies on tour, but the army can have a good community feeling to it between the families.

    Your choice thou as it is your life we're talking about.