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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by first_2_50, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I have been thinking of re-enlisting for a few months now, so I went along to an Army open day in Glasgow yesterday, and its really made me want to join. The problem is, when I first joined I only had me to think about and it was an easy decision. Now I'm engaged to my partner of nearly 2 years, and we have a 1 year old kid.

    My partner has told me that she couldn't handle me being away for training, or if I was deployed on a 6 month tour. She has told me that if I was to join it would be best for us to split. Now that's the last thing on my mind.

    I don't want to look back and think of what could have been (on both fronts). I know lots join when they are single or have no kids. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
  2. Do you have a job at the moment?
    Is it any good?
    Do you enjoy it?
    Is it secure?
    Would you enjoy the Army more?
    How much do you really want to rejoin?
    Could you make it through training?
    You're not going to be away all the time - Could she handle the odd bit here and there with a few longer spells of separation?
    Is it your rugrat?
    Do you love her?
    Could you easily get a replacement for her that wouldn't mind you going away?
    Is it better to regret doing something or regret not doing something?

    Have a think, weigh up everything first before you make a decision!

    Also; does she swallow or have a sister that does? :)
  3. Unemployed.
    I would enjoy it.
    Could make it through training easily :slow:
    She could handle it, but the phone bill would be sky high.
    Yes its my brat.
    I do love her (hence why we're engaged)
    I could replace her..
    Its better to regret doing it...
    She doesn't swallow (yet...)

    I'll need to think it through before doing anything anyway.
  4. if she doesnt swallow then i would get my arse into the office and sign up :D
  5. i dont know why people come on here and ask if they should join...if your man enough join,if not dont.
    im married with a four year old son.its not an escuse its something that makes me want to do it more.
    think about it,talk to her.
    p.s. i couldnt replace my wife.if you think you could replace yours,better call it a day lol
  6. I would go for it, just talk to her and try convincing her its a good choice, show her the army DVD's they are packed full of cliche's and bullsh1t that would make anyone want to join up.
  7. Get married 1st, then you will get housing when you join. You have the kid so go all the way it will make life so much easier.
  8. Why did you leave in the first place?
  9. Ya gotta do that which will make you happy. Im now thinking of enlisting, wish I'd done so 2 years ago instead of going to uni and failing badly at it (woman trouble). Hope things work out for you whatever you choose
  10. me and my partner were having issues of the time apart so weve done a trial separating (if you like) to acclimitise to the time apart to see if it works, not for everyone but also not a bad idea to see if its gunna work mate,

    Good luck with whatever you decide :D
  11. Dear First_2_50,

    I fully sympathise with you on this one, and I dont think its an easy choice but in every relationship theres got to be a bit of "give and take".

    I will assume that both you and your partner are under 25 yrs old.

    I also assume that you left the army after a very short period of time and found out that the grass is even less green on the other side.

    Right a little bit of advice, you can have your cake and eat it!

    Heres why:

    It will probably take you the best part of a year or more to complete all the selection and to start your training. Women always, in my humble opinion, HATE change to thier comfortable little lives when they have small children.

    Go and speak to the recruiters on the QT and tell them what you want to join as (eg REME Mech, RLC driver, Inf soldier etc.) and get them to give you a likely timetable of events leading up to a provisional date to join, make sure they give you a projection of EVERY stage of training, this will be essential to everything you do.

    You have made no commitment at this stage, purely enquired.

    Armed with this information, and if you are sure that you want to do it and will get through it all ok then grab yourself a year planner and put those dates on to it.

    Now grab a bit of paper, make that 2 bits of paper.

    On the first bit, draw a vertical line down the middle of the paper, if your going inf then that means down the middle from top to bottom!

    Write at the top of the page in the left hand column the words GOOD THINGS ABOUT JOINING THE ARMY and underline it.

    FFS dont write BAD THINGS ABOUT JOINING THE ARMY on the other side you must write "NOT SO GOOD THINGS ABOUT JOINING THE ARMY" remember nothing is ever BAD its just not so good! Thats women for you, she will now see it as less of a bad thing!!!!

    Using this thread, get as balanced as you can, comments for both sides of the line, this is where your homework comes in son!!!

    You will have to study for this moment like you have never fcuking studied before, this is an additional selection test.

    Once you have got your "GOODS" in your head, you really must do a job on her, sweet talk her for weeks pointing all the BAD things in your life at the moment, but dont moan and bitch, pointing out how much better it would be if you had a steady job, good future, how much better it would be for you both bringing up your child with more of everything in your life, stress on your childs future and that regardless of personal discomfort and sh1t like that you have to bring up your child in a better environment.

    Once you have put her off her current lifestyle, buy a bottle of wine or buckfast or whichever her tipple is plan a romantic evening telly off and tell her youve been thinking about things and think that the army would be a good move for the WHOLE family.

    At this point, your homework will kick in.

    Ask her to help you fill it in whilst you can both decide if its worthwhile.

    FFS.......leave the right hand column to her!!! DONT even help her with it!

    Encourage her to come up with as many of the left hand column entries as you can by feeding her things like "right would we be better off" Yes? ok so in the LH column we will put MONEY.

    By now you will have in your devious little mind countered all the "not so goods" with possible answers whereby making them seem to be trivial or even advantages which can be moved to the "goods".

    I will tell you what the 2nd bit of paper is for in a little while as my typing finger has now worn out .

    Man you are on your way to what you want you effing genius!!
  12. You not thought of joining the TA then? Its just as good as the regs and you can stay at home and wipe the sprogs arrse aswell.