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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DaveyJones, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Some quick background info: I'm currently in my 'thinking of joining the Army' stage. I've been wanting to join the armed forces since I was about 14. Between the ages of 14-16, I kept changing my mind every so often from Army to Raf to Navy and back again. Went to college after school (awesome GCSE's) and gained some shite a-levels (grades D,E,E). After college I worked in retail for a year, where i quickly gained a supervisors role, and after leaving that, I find myself in my current job at the grand age of 20 earning 14k. I did apply to be WSOP in the RAF after college, but got rejected on the interview stage as my knowledge wasn't amazing about training, although the other bits on the interview I was great at.

    Been thinking of applying for the Army these past two weeks, but before I do I need to decide what I want my number 1 choice to be and the other two in case I can't do that one.

    I still need to talk with the missis and the family. although my family already have experience like this as my oldest brother did 8+ years in 1WFR.

    I've got a few jobs shortlisted in my head that seem to have interested me and caught my eye, just need other peoples opinion on them and what can I expect etc. Below:

    Gunner Observation Post Assistant
    Gunner Special Observer
    Gunner Artillery Command Systems

    I'm not sure if I would want to do something that a 'trade' like a role in REME as that would probably bore my ******* mind, although I've never done it before. I do understand that doing a 'trade' role will get me better equipped for the future for when I leave.

    Sorry for rambling on, cheers.
  2. What about a role in the RE? You can get a trade and you'll also be "seeing action" as it were. Check out the vids Here for an idea of what they do.
  3. DPM

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    Keep it in the Family. Mercian Regiment all the way.

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  4. I'd be wary of going for Gunner Special Observer, that course is nails mate, Probably best to do a good few years before u have a crack at that.
  5. Mate, what's the difference between Royal Engineers and REME?
  6. Ok, thanks for the advise. I think I read somewhere else on these forums that Gunner SO is pretty tough, OP a more realistic target to being with I'm guessing?

    haha that is true mate, would love to but at the moment, infantry isn't for me I think.
  7. Check out the Army Jobs website mate, it'll explain better than I can (I'm still in the recruitment process for a little while longer), but basically the RE have your chippies/plumbers and sparkies etc, while the REME have mechanics, aircraft/avionics techs etc.

    The names say it all really, RE - Royal Engineers whilst REME = Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.
  8. why isn't the infantry for you?
  9. I just don't believe it will be unfortunately, would like to do something a bit different to being a regular infantryman.
  10. He's not stupid enough.
  11. Exactly! Would like to use my brain for something :p Actually don't tell my brother I said that
  12. I'm doing my degree at the moment, not wanting to go officer route so because I have GCSE's (awesome ones as you said yours were!) and alright Alevels (C,C,C and an E that isn't worth the paper it's written on) plus a likely 2:1 in my degree, the AFCO told me not to look at any jobs that you don't need qualifications for and that I need to 'use my brains'. Roles recomended to me were RMP or Int. or Nursing. Go on the Army Jobs website, have a go at the pathfinder then look through the jobs it brings up.
    The AFCO is the best place to go, even if you're just thinking about joining. They'll tell you what your options are, what the Army can offer you and ask what you can offer the Army. All informal and very informative. I found it the most useful thing in the world and have been back twice since my first visit and come away happier each time.
    Good luck in what you choose!
  13. RMP does look abit boring from what I've seen/heard. Might try and pop down to the Notts AFCO this weekend if I can, but more importantly gotta speak to the Missis tonight haha, ******* hell.

    I would love to do an outside job that is rather exciting etc etc, not really the 'sit behind a desk type', which is why I'm finding my current work a little tedious. I guess the careers advisor would be able to tell me more, and I've listenened to my borther when it comes to 'try to weed out the truth from the huge amounts of bullshit' lol.

    I know it's very early to ask (not in the day, I mean I'm not even gone to the afco yet, ******* :p) but how easy would it be lets say to get a transfer from RMP to Infantry/Artillery after lets say 3/4 years. Oviously there is a chance that I make the wrong decision for my number one choice. Guess it depends on openings based on your current ranking/skills?
  14. I'm in the same position, I really don't wanna be stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life. You've got to get it into your head though that with any job there is going to be a certain amount of admin and clerical work to be done with it.
    Just something else the AFCO mentioned. My recruiter told me that it was best to look at jobs that provided 'rank skipping' as he put it. Basically some job choices mean that once you pass out of basic you are a LCpl. The only ones that I can find that allow for that are Int. and RMP, niether of which interest me much.
    Advice I've been given from other posters (I'm still struggling with my choices) is that it's the rest of your life potentially so choose wisely and if the job you want to do doesn't fit in with what the careers adviser advises...tough. It's your life at the end of the day!
    Try to be open minded about it though and don't dismiss anything! I'm very much looking at the medical/health side of things (both human and animal) as I'll have a health related degree but I am more than open to recruiters suggestions and have had a look at a few engineering trades.
    Also, you have ALevels, so why not Officer Entry?
  15. I think that might be the only reason i would be in the RMP, because of the 'rank skipping' thing that they do. Yes, being paid more is attractive, but is it quite as attractive is artillery? Don't think so. Will speak to my bro more about it when I see him next, if he gives me the 'dont join the army' thing, then ill tell him to fob off.

    I didn't think you could get in with such shite a levels as mine? I think the RAF wouldn't let me, which is why I went for WSOP instead of WSO.

    Still got an open mind though about what I wanna do.