Thinking of joining up! advice needed!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thebatoneffect, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. I am from the republic of Ireland and from browsing this website I note that there seems to be some opposition to cutbacks etc - I am concerned about joining where there may be an atmosphere of resentfulness to foreign soldiers.

    any comments on this.
  2. Not a Jurno are you???
  3. Can you explain why resentment at Tony creating cutbacks. would lead to resentment toward Irish soldiers who are as entitled to serve as any others?
  4. For what it's worth I have met a number of soldiers from ROI over the years and they have been excellent. It's in the blood but as I am descended from Ulster stock I would say that! If you want to join - fill your boots. The problem is that a poor soldier recruited from overseas is seen as being representative of his countrymen. Of course it' boll*cks but it's also human nature.
  5. I am not a reporter LOL

    What I mean by saying resentment ---- I got it from reading some threads about the Gurkhas on this website.

    I am in the Gardai here in Ireland but have sold up my house etc (can see a major economic downfall here with house prices crashing etc) planning on emirgrating. As I joined the police when I was 19 I dropped out of college to do so, so I have no qualifications other than my diploma in policing. Yes its definately in the blood! I always had an interest in joining the army but the Irish defence forces have very limited career prospects. I would be interested in learning a trade through the army.
  6. Have a look at the REME/RE, they'll give you trades, good ones too.

    On this note, does anyone know the policy of HM with regards employing overseas people? Does HM accept people from anywhere in the world? Or are their restrictions?
  7. Not sure, is there a history of Southern Irishmen in the British Army?
  8. You can join the Army from whatever Country how did the King of Jordan (Rest his soul) go through Sandhurst? and me Dutch?

    Editied through drunk spellijg! :D
  9. There were many from the Republic who joined up in WW2 to fight the Nazis, and IIRC there was no conscription in Ireland during WW1, yet still many thousands joined.

    In the time of Wellington, about 1/3 of the British Army was Irish (although it was still part of Britain at that stage).

    There are folk in the British Army now from the South (despite PIRA trying to discourage it in the 70-late90s).

    In short, yes, plenty, and thanks for coming chaps.
  10. That's different, though, isn't it D_P?
    I was under the impression RMAS ran Officer courses for HM forces officers, plus foreign blokeys such as the King of Jordan. Except instead of joining HM forces, the King paid for the privilege of being trained at RMAS and so didn't join up, as such, just attended the course.
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  14. I joined the RAF Regt straight from Ireland more than 20 years ago. During training at the RAF Regt Depot, my Sgt was from Sligo and the course officer was from Cork (he'd was commissioned from the ranks). The course WO was from Dublin and had done time in the Irish Army. When I was posted to my first unit my Flt Sgt was from Carlow.

    There's been a long tradition of people from Ireland serving in the British Armed Forces. My dad served during World War II.

    Not so many from Ireland in the forces these days, plenty of jobs and money at home etc. If that's what you want to do, go for it as there are plenty of opportunities and I enjoyed my time.

    The Ireland I left in the mid 80's was much different to how it is now and I must admit that it's great to be back.