Thinking of Joining The Signals

Hey guys im thinking about joining the royal signals as an installation tech i have the required grades i have already applied online and have just recently sent of my online medical

Question 1 : How long on average does it take from application to start phase 1

Question 2 : i recently broke 2 of my teeth and have not been to the dentist about it so would this hinder my chances of failing the medical

question 3: For the role i have chosen am i likely to receive a full driving license and what i mean by that is i have heard that there are 2 types of licenses Military and then Just like commercial so would i gain both of these or just the military

Thanks for your time Hopkins619

sup rec

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1 - Time varies from person to person. It depends how quikly your med goes through (all clear) doing the BARB and cognitive test, passing the interview, passing selection and course starts date.2 - Yes it can, try and get them sorted3 - There is no seperate license. If you pass your car test you get a civci lecense. You will need a military drivers permit to drive military vehicles but you must have the civvi license and pass a familiaristion on the vehicle
I was thinking the same tbh cause i knew that they fix your teeth when you are in so i did not see why i would fail because ive not got that bad peggies :D


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1.) about 6 months maybe more, depending on your ADSC grade and how popular your job is
2.) To be honest my ADSC doc didnt have a clue about teeth, he saw my filling and asked me if i knew it was there, they will d the required work on your teeth during/after phase one. We had a proper meth mouth bloke and a guy who had almost all his back teeth broken due to a previously fractured jaw.
3.) Id take Sup rec's advice on that i have nowt to do with signals, but you can always phone the AFCO.

'Meth Mouth' LOL

were they really that bad?

To OP: Application can vary from 3 months to a year who knows, just use the time wisely now to work on fitness and research your potential jobs thoroughly, what happens in phase 1 & phase 2 training etc in preparation for your interview and selection.
haha i can swim anwyay i would think the only thing which could hinder me going in is my teeth haha i dont like needles but ive not got dog shit breath i do brush and stuff just like 2 of my back teeth are broke
yes indeedy

A key point that's missed out by many is LEARN TO SWIM. If you cant swim the PTI's will humiliate you. Its funny to watch but i wouldn't want to be on the receiving end.
Good point. I was a non swimmer. Pink armbands and being chucked off the 10m board wasn't much fun ;-)

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