Thinking of joining the infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by brew_boy, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, looking for some advice,

    I know my alphabet, I can read and write and also count to 10, am I over qualified to join 3 Mercian or is it all infantry units?

    Also, why do 1 RRF in Fally talk funny?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Not all join the infantry because of limited intelligence. Take me as an example. :)
  3. sorry pal, never knew Stephen Hawkin was in the infantry.
  4. :S I'm going for infantry and i got good grades at school and college. Just because some people join the infantry because of intelligence issues doesn't mean all do.
  5. hahaha done a belter ;)
  6. To be honest, there are thickos in the infantry just there are in the Engineers or Artillery. And i suppose it will be the same in those units where the more 'switched on' you are the further you will go (other factors including). There are many in the infantry who excel at soldiering without any qualifications and there are also those with 'A' levels that do not possess an ounce of common sense.
    Soldiering, especially on current operations is about being able to think on your feet and having the ability to weigh up myriad options available to you. Much of it comes from a little intelligence and a lot of experience.

  7. attendance and your 5 metre swimming badge does not count as good grades at school unless your in the 3 mercian recruiting area!!

  8. how can you think on your feet if you have to take your boots off to count past 10. :D
  9. There may be a Stephen Hawkin in the infantry.

    I know a certain Stephen Hawking who is not though.

    Thick cunt aren't you? :)
  10. wow i wish i was as clever as you, that way i could come on a forum and start abusing people i think are inferior.
  11. Don't worry about 'ole Billy Boy. Once he has reached puberty and maybe done an op tour that doesn't involve issuing out rations he may have learned something.
  12. was that aimed at me or? :p
  13. No, at brew boy.
  14. everyone is inferior to me, when i was in the TA i once went on exercise on salisbury plain for 4 days and we had to dig shell scrapes and stuff
  15. Don't question whether you should join due to lack of intelligence but whether or not you would be suited to the lifestyle because that's the main reason for joining infantry.