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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by footsteps, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I am currently applying to join the army, have just read about a job which I really like the sound of (Gunner Special Observer). Just wondering if females can do this job? And if they are able to, would you be required to do the TST at selection?

    Any info would be appreciated, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place

  2. Special Observer

    Have a search; there's plenty of Sphinx Bty threads in the archives.
  3. That's great, answered my questions - thanks!
  4. If you are planning on joining this year you might want to re-think your options, a message that was passed around recruiting offices last week (although a definite answer is awaited) is that RA recruiting is to go on hold and it may well be for the rest of the year due to problems at Phase 1 and Royal School of Artillery ;)
  5. ahh thats shit!! are you serious?? i was planning on joining late this year.. hopefully everthing will be back to normall by then i hope
    If you get more info about it could you let me now please
  6. weird the only "issue " I've heard about is lack of places due to good retention and steady recruiting
  7. Don't do it, join Spurs instead
  8. If what "5 to do" says is true then they've kept that feckin' quiet! I'm in touch with Larkhill on a regular basis and have a hearty interest in the inflow of new soldiers to our Regiments and no one has mentioned this at all. We've all seen the colossal problems that occur when you turn off the recruiting tap. No one is daft enough to let that happen again!

    5, Can you shed any further light on this very quiet rumour?
  9. The only details i have is that RA recruiting is to cease forthwith (pending an official announcement from DG) and that it could be until the end of the year, in the mean time we have been asked to identify within offices applicants right up to phase 1 allocation that are willing to be directed to other cap badges, specifically difficult to recruit trades in line with the recruit allocation plan ;)

    I saw the email on Monday and as far as i know a decision was being made imminently however in the mean time we have definitely been advised to direct potential applicants to other Corps/Cap Badges.
  10. Thanks for that, will start digging around muckers in Larkhill to see what has driven this. Most worrying news.
  11. Seems a bit daft to stick that on here because if you are wrong (and im not saying you are!) then you have just put off the hundreds of potential gunner recruits that use this site.

    Seems a bit strange that Gunner recruiting would be put on hold when 2 of the 3 GS Regt's are expanding!

    What is even stranger is that I am at Larkhill and haven't heard a whisper of this!
  12. As an office manager in a recruiting office i can assure you i am certainly not making it up and was as surprised as people on here are to read it.

    To try to clarify matters the official wording that i read was that 'loading' of recruits is to cease, from that it means that no more applicants are getting allocated to phase 1 training, i dont need to read an email to know that is already happening as any we had in the system at my office have been sat waiting now to be allocated for a week or so, previously we would get an allocation within a few days.

    Further to this, when the warning that it was likely to run until the end of the year it also mentioned that RA would likely see a reduced recruiting target for next year.

    In my opinion it doesnt surprise me that this is still a whisper, unless you are directly involved in the budgeting and recruit allocation plan for phase 1 and beyond then its going to be dealt with people on much higher pay scales than me certainly :)

    What i can say is that in my opinion there is going to be an impact here not just for RA but most definitely the Infantry, a lot of Capbadges are now capped with regards to Foreign and Commonwealth applicants so the job list was narrowed down for them, RA was one of the cap badges that a lot were applying for, if they can't go there then they are almost certainly going to be directed towards the Infantry or other difficult to recruit trades, however if they do not want anything other than RA then everyone loses out not least the applicant ;)
  13. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Recruiting definately will not stop for the Royal Regiment, as for the percentage target we are trying to acheive, well that goalpost may move left and right.

    Stating on here that it would stop was not the correct statement to make. Recruiting for the Gunners certainly open to those who wish to join us.

    Also if you are involved it that particular circle as you claim that is aware of these changes, refrain from posting it on a public forum.
  14. Fair enough, it perhaps isnt the best place to actually go further into details and in hindsight given that there is still much to talk on this i will say no more on the matter.

    At the coal face things may seem a lot different :)
  15. ye i went for my initial fitness test yesterday and they told me the RA arnt taking on any senior recruits which pissed me off the hadnt already told me