Thinking of joining the army

I'm 15 and i've been thinking about the army as a career for when i've left school. I want to join the infantry and i have a few questions:
1: Is it worth going to university? Does that help with promotions etc?
2: I'm not a huge fan of sports, i have no problem with long runs but i feel my endurance is above average. I also am not particulary strong but i'm willing to train etc.
3: Once in the army, what happens about soliders and families etc? Is it a month at a time away or what?
4: How long does training take, and what does it entail?

I'd be really greatful if someone could help me with these.
Why do you want to join?
What do you want to get out of the army?
The answer to these questions should determine your unit.
QT : what are you good at / enjoy in school? That may determine what you want to do for a career in the Army. If you want to be infantry but go to University first, I'd recommend looking at commissioned service.
Right mate. Answers in order

1. Its always worth going to University
2. You will get stronger and fitter as you get older
3. You need to do LOTS of research on what is involved. I suggest going to an Army recruitment office.
4. Depends on what you want to do. See point 3
Speak to your school careers advisor and ask then to contact the Army Careers Advisor (Schools). They can then arrange to speak to you on a one to one basis.
The ACA(S) can also be contacted via your local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO)
If you have an opportunity to go to university, then do it. You could try some TA or university cadet stuff whilst you are at Uni. If you like it and want more - join up.

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i'd def. go 2 uni if i was u mate, at least then you will have a bit of life experience rather than joining once your 16 or so... + u will be able to go to sandhurst and have many many oppertunitys given to you during and after your army career...good luck with whatever you decide mate :D
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