Thinking of joining the army. 27 years old.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by olderjoiner, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, i'm a 27 year old male and am thinking of joining the army.

    I've been thinking about it a lot recently and the more i think about it, the more i am attracted to it.

    The career prospects are a major attraction for me. For the most part since leaving school i have been working in factories on temporary contracts and moving from job to job, with none of companies offering out permanent work. Even more recently, finding work anywhere near enough to my home has become increasingly difficult.

    Which turned my eye towards the army, which offers permanent work, qualifications and great career prospects. Not only that, i get to experience things i can only dream about right now, and if i never join the army, will probably never experience.

    I don't fancy spending x amount of years on the dole, searching for work and gaining absolute zero life experience, qualifications for things to move forwards in my life.

    I've also considered furthering my education at university, but feel i would find this difficult to fund. With the army, i could spend the same amount of minimum time (4 years) and get paid in the process of earning qualifications.

    I just wanted to ask some people for some advice, as i am 27, i'm not really sure how they are going to receive me, and being my age, are there any extra pressures i should be aware of?

    I'm relatively fit, i cycle everywhere i go and have just began an army fitness regime i found on the internet. After 16 weeks it assures me i'll be 'army fit'.

    I'd be grateful for any advice, and any tips.

  2. Do it mate, and best of luck to you.

    Joining seems an increasingly lengthy process so I'd get cracking.

    This is probably one of those things that you'll always regret if you dont just go for it. Thats how I see it anyway.
  3. Go for it. The hardest step is the one through the door of the Careers Office.
  4. go for it mate !!
  5. Welcome to ARRSE!

    Your age is not a problem if you are fit and don't want to make an issue of it.

    What trade are you considering?

  6. Also, in addition. I'm 23 [not 27 I know but,four years difference isnt exactly a vast chasm] and I was a bit surprised to find I wasn't the oldest there. Nor would you have been had you been there. Though before going i shared the same concerns.

    If anything, I think being a little older makes it easier. Certainly you're a bit less likely to fcuk around and having lived the civvy street alternative you'll be keen to see it through. Again just my opinion.
  7. Not sure what trade to go for yet, although para is the one that has caught my eye thus far.

    Just been reading up on the extra training they have to go through. Harder than i could ever imagine, right?

    Still keeping my options open on that front, but wanting to make my decision soon!

    Cheers for the replies, was a little concerned regarding my age but feeling a little more confident now!

    ETA - I am in a little bit of debt, will this pose a problem for me or is there anything i can read that can provide the necessary advice i'd need so everything goes through swimmingly, and i hit no road blocks on the way.

    Thanks again!
  8. Better to do it now, and if Phys is a worry, just ask for advice. You'll get a plan, just stick to it. The staff there will assist and often run regular exercise sessions.

    Again, better now than later...
  9. Do it. I decided to take the plunge (into the mighty TA) at 30 and am very early on at the mo. What i have discovered is firstly i should have done it years ago (when i was young, fit and skinny) and two it is awesome. I have not spent so much time being 8 yrs old since i was 8 yrs old. Up early in the morning. Run about, climb up things, jump about, roll about in the mud, eat the aforementioned mud. And do it all in the company of like minded people and of grown ups that only want to see you worn out for bed time.

    The things that i have realised are mostly to do with myself and my level of fitness, the fitter you are the more you can play and enjoy yourself. If you are knackered by lunchtime you can't have as much fun as everyone else.

    I found that i am a bit of an old man in the group but as long as you can keep up and are willing to put everything into what you are doing the guys are fine.

    Besides at 27 you will be able to regale them with tales of when you actually kissed a real girl and amaze them with the fact that you don't pay a million pounds in car insurance.
    Crack On.
  10. I've made the actual application, awaiting 'stuff' to come through the post.

    I'm excited, nervous, unsure of what will come next really.

    What should i expect?
  11. Pm'd you older joiner :)
  12. Go for it pal. I'm 26 and i haven't had any problems in joining up so far. When i've gone on insight and selection courses i've come across lads from 16-29 so i wouldn't worry about your age. If anything the extra life experience and maturity can only go in your favour. I am in the same boat as you in regards to work. I've been doing all sorts of crap jobs for 10 years and can't see a future for me right now in civvy street. You wouldn't believe the amount of ex-forces blokes i know who are totally jelaous because they can't get back in and regret ever leaving.
  13. I'm 50+ If I could re-join tomorrow I would.
  14. Hi, I believe it depends how much debt it is. I heard something about under £280 outgoing for debt a month? I am sure someone can clarify.
  15. Its best to go to the AFCO and get the app forms in my experience. I filled out all the online stuff, and only had to do it all again on paper. Its a time saver if anything.