thinking of joining TA??

Been swithering the for a wee while now wether to join or not and decided to register with this website and try find out a few things off you guys.
Just looking to see if someone would answer a few queries of mine?

1.What is the minimum time,if i joined the TA,would i have to serve?

2.I am looking to acheive an LGV and HGV license.What would be the best course to sign up for and where would I be based during my training?

3.What are the chances of getting sent to Afghanistan (not that im shitting out btw) and how long would you spend there?

thanks for any replies! keep up the good work!!
1) Used to be 3 years, I think it's 12 yrs now, although in reality you just write a polite letter to the OC and hand your kit in any time you want.

2)Entirely possible, obviously it would be better to join the RLC to get these but every TA unit needs drivers, don't expect to get straight on these courses, your unit will look for a bit of commitment and loyalty from you before they spend money sending you on courses.

Understandably , those shortly going on OP tours will likely be prioritised.

3)Mobilisation is voluntary at the moment, but there is obviously no guarantee that it will always be, it is generally expected that within 5 years service you will do at least one tour, if you are ex regular you are exempt from mobilisation for 3 years, if you are in full time education or an apprenticeship it is very unlikely you would be sent anywhere.

The Army tries to use intelligent mobilisation, and has no interest in sending people who do not wish to go.

A full tour is almost a year, 3 months OPTAG training to bring you up to the standard of our regular colleagues, a six month tour, and 2.5 months paid leave on return.

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