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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by raversrevenge, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. im thinking of joining the TA, as you can see from the subject.
    but i was training with the regs at catterick, and then i daor'ed after 11 weeks for family reasons. what im trying to say is, if i joined the ta, would i have to start my training all the way from the begining even though i only left regs on 19th april this year?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Yes. You didn't pass out, so you need to start again.
  3. yes, but as you have done some basic training you will find it easier to finish this time.
  4. thanks for the replies, puts it into perspective now. so ok lets say i join, i know ta train wednesdays and then weekends, what are the first lessons going to be, and where?
  5. I thought most TA trained on Tuesday?

    Your initial training will be at your TAC I would think.

    "This is your uniform, this is how you iron it, this is how you fill in forms etc."
  6. might sound like a dumb question but tac is territorial army centre, (which is my local one i assume). Plus would i still have to go on selection even though he army passed my selection at lichfield for the regs?
  7. I don't know (still new myself). I would assume that you would have to start everything from the beginning.

    Edited to add that TAC is TA centre.
  8. Yes you would start from scratch, as you have not completed your basic, the selection is for you to see if you like it and also for the Regt/Battalion tec likes you.

    Various units train on different nights, you will first possiably need to have a medical if you had a medical discharge from the regs depending on the type you may not be eligable to join the TA.

    When you turn up at the TAC on the first night, take you red book with you to confirm previous service.

  9. jesus, you think they would speed it up a bit considering ive been in before. oh and whats a red book? sorry it sounds like a bone question but i really dont know.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    But you have not been in before. You started, but did not complete, basic training. You are not a trained soldier.

    If you had completed the course you would be a trained soldier, and the system for joining is different.

    Go along, do what you need to do and lose the chip on your shoulder. There are plenty of people (including some on this site) who have genuinely "been in before", and they have still had to go through the motions in order to join the TA.
  11. your discharge book - and just because you have done 11 weeks of pi55ing around in green doesn't make you a General. If you don't know, the training format is directed by HQ land and not jst what the TA unit wants to do. You will get a basic grounding at weekends then go to Catterick for your 2 week CIC (If infantry). As mentioned previousely, you never finished and th knowledge you have gained will put you in a better position than most of your fellow recruits.

    And don't forget, most TA recruiting staff now have seen active service (some with 2 or 3 tours under their belts) and actually do know a thing or two
  12. ear bending recieved and thanks, i think i will go and attempt to join. one more quick question, the local TA have a reme coy (i think), and even though i cant drive, would they train me as a driver, even though its TA.
  13. all TA units can teach you how to drive - getting on the course is another thing. Being REME won't necessarily speed things up either
  14. Yes, and I believe that applies to any TA unit which has a requirement for any sort of driver (which I'd imagine is all of them). I suggest you walk before you can run first though: get through basic and then you can start thinking about courses.