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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lance_Bombardier, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. hi i'm thinking of joining the 36th Signals in Southend, i was wondering if anyone had any experience with the unit in question.

    also i was wondering if anyone knew if the stance concerning ADHD was any different in the TA from that of the Regs.
  2. why dont you look at the Infantry as a better possibility.

    West Ham TA!
  3. a bit of a mix between covienience and medical
  4. Your name and desired unit don't seem to match :?
  5. i know, name refers to my ACF rank. 8)
  6. ADHD and Signals an Interesting Mix!

    "CC1 - anyone ? anyone there? someone talk to me". lol :roll:
  7. If there is one, there won't be any difference. The policy for dependants while on mobilisation is also the same.
  8. PM sent!
  9. 106 ra (v) at grove park
  10. Anyone particular you had in mind?

    Didn't seem to affect them too much!!! Well not really other than that one time .....

  11. 36th in southend are a great bunch! But you wanna move up country and come join the 31st and some of their sqn's! they are the bee's knee's! x
  12. Depends how fit you are.If you're a lardy suggest the T.A
  13. How old are you, 17?

    The reason I ask is, from experience with others, If you are thinking of "leaving the cadets to join the TA", you're best bet is to give it a good 6 months to a year before you make the jump as it were.

    I'm no medical expert, And im not up with the rules and regs, however, as far as I'm aware, the "one army" concept also applies to the medical joining rules (In terms of previous or past conditions anyway).

    Think long and hard before joining the TA. Its not cadets, Its nothing like cadets. Its not a youth club, Its a job.

    The things you've learnt in cadets will undoubtably help you in some ways, not so much in others, but even if you ignore ALL my other advice:

    DO NOT ever say "I know this, I learnt it in cadets" If you can, keep it as low key as possible in regards to telling people, Dont announce it to anyone, but DO put it on your joining forms.

    If you need help or advice on joining etc, post here, Or PM me.

    TA Signaller & EX Cadet...

  14. I made the jump. But I waited about 6 months, like the man said. Expect a lot of stick because you were a cadet, expect a lot of discrimination (in my lot, ex-cadets/regs cannot win Best Recruit) although your mates will appreciate your extra knowhow, but be very, very careful how you put it about, don't put it about that you are an ex-cadet, just reply in the affirmative if asked. Just listen to all the advice on here, especially about keeping it schtum.
    Feel free to pm me, too.

    TA Sex God and Ex Cadet...


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  15. we have a few ex cadets at our unit and they all integrate very well and do well on all there courses. However there was one chopper who was an rsm in the cadets and thought therefore he was still an rsm in the TA, which was hilarious.