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Discussion in 'REME' started by _Fordy, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. As title says, I'm thinking of joining REME instead of RIFLES, as I'm interested in engineering etc.

    However, I would rather join as an Electronics Technician, than as an Officer but if I attempted to do so with a masters degree in Electronic Engineering, would I be seen as over qualified and "advised" to go through Sandhurst?

    Or is that the norm/heard of, and nothing wrong with being a soldier in REME with a degree in your trade?

    I'd rather be working on repairs etc. than stuck to a desk writing about repairs that other people are doing. And surely it almost makes more sense for those actively using such skills to have degrees, than those who just "oversee" it all.


    Oh by the way, at what point do you specialise? Even if you apply as whatever, when it comes to it do the powers that be look at numbers and say "oh we don't need any more of *whatever you chose*, you can do this instead"?
  2. Nothing wrong with joining as a soldier with a degree. No one is going to force you to go to sandhurst, in fact if you haven't applied off your back then you have probably failed at the first hurdle.

    If you are recruited to be a certain trade then you will continue toward that end until such time as you are either (A) Qualified in that trade, (B) let it be known that you want to choose another trade or (C) fail to make the grade in trade training and are forced to choose another trade or leave the Army.

    As to it making more sense for a tradesman to have a degree it doesn't really matter as you will learn what you need to know in training. Oh and REME officers don't "oversee" anything in real terms except perhaps their own career :)
  3. Seems to be a waste of a hard numerate engineering degree to go in as a soldier at the bottom end. Good luck anyway. Using this qualification in civvy street or in the Army as an officer will attract you a much higher salary. However, much depends on what you want out of life. If its being a soldier (with potential commissioning opportunity later on) - crack on. Much may depend what your personal and leadership qualities are like
  4. If I was the recruiting Sgt/WO, I would say something similar - why waste an engineering MSc? That said, if you have your heart set on being a soldier and the recruiting staff can see that I don't believe you'd come up against any great resistance.

    FWIW, there were a three grads in my Pl in Depot Para, all passed. One guy had done a bunk from Oxford where he was studyin Law to join the Parachute Regiment and his family, apparently, wouldn't speak to him after. He passed as well and eventually joined 3 PARA mortars (where I guess they're in need of good legal advice).
  5. Aim for the top.

    I've been there.... I started off as a Tels Tech in 83, posted out the Minden Germany '84-'87 whilst there passed artificer selection board, came back on class 1 in '87, finished that, got made up to Sgt on day I passed and had 3 weeks leave before starting Artificer Course. Started Art Tels course '88 got hammer & tongs '89, was then kept on as an instructor in the Tels dept. Whilst there did Officer Selection Board, passed and went to Sandhurst in '90 hated it as a 28yr old ex staff sgt back at the bottom again for 7 mths (was on standard graduates course) then came out as a full Lt. in '91 with seniority for time served. Definitely better as an Officer for an easy life, but a lot of back stabbing and tossers as well.