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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Doulea82, Dec 25, 2009.

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  1. hello heroes and merry christmas :D

    gonna say sorry now incase of bad grammar and such..usually get ahead of myself hehe

    Anway i am from wigan,im 20 now and i am thinking of leaving college and joining the army has infantry but the only thing putting me off is when and if i leave the army i dont want to be stuck with a bad job like stacking shelfs for the rest of my life.So my question is to the ex soliders,what are you doing now and are you glad you joined infantry?

    the reason i want to join infantry is because:

    1.the excitement of being on the frontline(makes me sound so crazy hehe)
    2.You see more things and experience more has a solider(thats what i think i could be really wrong)
    3. i want to see todays war technolgy in action

    to me,you are all heroes and any feed back would be great :D
  2. Who says you'll only get a job stacking shelves on leaving the infantry? Many blokes who get a trade in the army don't follow it up in civvy street. If you want to join with a view of your army career getting you a good job in civvy street then join whatever. If you want excitement and to get stuck into the enemy then join the infantry or RAC.
  3. Hello mate what gives you the opinion that you will not be able to to get a job if you join the army ??? i think this is utter madness when joing the army you are given the best traing avalible to you you also get loads of life expiriences and many a good memory . you meet mates for life that you will never forget and the army gives you there time and grants to follow up further education eg gcse ect. Also the sence of pride when you slip on that uniform in them morning just knowing that you aint stuck in a 9 til 5 working for shit money pleanty of oppertunities to do things after thats even if you ever do . sorry about my grammer not to good but hope it helps you
  4. why dont u join up as a combat medic?
    you have all the frontline action and a propper qualification as paramedic when u leave the army
  5. Yeah cheers.
  6. No, you don't.

    To the OP.

    What ever you join in the Army doesn't mean that is what you will do in civvie street. Likewise just because you don't get a trade in the army that is readily transferable to civvie street (sniper and mortar men for example are not often required in civvie street) doesn't mean you will wont get a job when you leave.

    Your character stands you in good stead for such things.

    WHislt in, you will get £180 per annum and three payments of £1-2k. Use them. EWven in the Inf you will get the chance to obrtain skills tthat will be of use in civvie street.

    If you want inf go for it. If you feel you have made a mistake further down the line, you can either leave the army or retrade.
  7. lol i thought id get a propper paramedic qualification doesent matter im in now
  8. You can still work for one. It just wont come on a plate.

    Once you've completed your Phase 2 at Keogh, you will have the chance to sort yourself out with lots of quals for your departure from the Army.
  9. Seen much frontline action then?
  10. I love it when people say utter crap like this.
    First off, medic's don't earn the qualification through thier training, you'll have to do a seperate course (IE: OU Degree in Biology or Medical Sciences) whilst you are in. Soo propper qualification depends less on whether you can be a paramedic in the army, but still the same as it would on Civvy St in that you will get it if you can do exams.

    Secondly, you can get on loads of courses in the infantry. The infantry need Signallers, Engineers, Drivers as well, and many of them are/were "normal" fighting soldiers. Not to mention you can still get all these grants and bursarys for OU degrees, GCSE's, A Levels.

    So. If you want to join the army, then join as something you want to do now. Not what you want to do in 4/12/22/30 years time.
    If shit hits the fan you can always transfer.
  11. I have to be blunt here, but if you make a bit of a go fo the army and do, say, 12 years, then chances are you don't want to do anything even closely related to what you in service trade was. I haven't driven a truck since I left in 2000, but what I got from the army was worth far more than any driving licence, hazmat qual or random bizzare course.
    I got the ability to judge people, and get on with them, regardless of background. I am able to asses situations and react accordingly. I got a work ethic which shames the usual council worker 'union' mentalist which enables me to set my own goals and not be distracted by irrelevant BS. I got the training for life that you simply cannot get anywhere else, and for someone who left school at 16 with almost no qualifications worth talking about I'm doing pretty damned well for myself, as can you. Just work on your spelling and punctuation will you? You're at college FFS!*

    *And yes, these things are important, especially when peoples lives are on the line.
  12. Maybe you should take your own advice.
  13. not yet been only in for 3 weeks but i think i can tell ya more next year
  14. Why?

  15. People should check their own spelling before telling others to work on theirs.
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