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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AJ1992, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. So im 19, after finishing my alevels and struggling to find work I've decided I want to join the army.
    Being mixed raced I just wanted peoples opinion of other races in the British army - I would just like o say I acctually consider myself to be English regardless of where my fathers from (India) (my mums English). I've heard roomers of racism to blacks and Asians in the Army - true ?? Thanks for the replys I advance :)
  2. You get knobbers everywhere you go trying to be big and clever, but I've personally never witnessed any racism in the Army.

    No doubt you'll end up with an appropriate nick name, just make it clear if the banter goes too far (which it does at times).

  3. Fair enough , I don't mid a bit of banter between friends and I wouldn't expect people to ignore the fact I'm brown but i don't appreciate racism.
    Thanks for the positive info though -
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone gives you any lip tell them to feck off and go or you'll do to them what your grandad did to the Japs on the way to Mandalay.
  5. If you're good at your job, good on the piss and not afraid to throw a punch if someone tries to bully you, you'll be fine. In the very unlikely event that you meet a full on militant Nazi fuktard who just has to mess with you, your mates and NCOs will back you up. If you encounter serious racism it's much more likely to be from civvies down town.
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the number of commonwealth soldiers we have now has made it easier and trade regts are less hostile than infantry ones which is mainly due to the bad educational standard. the best weapon has to be a sense of humour and good banter. knowing your own history helps because no matter what they do someone will call you a paki so you correct them, when you get the curry jokes point out that your mum is english so you know fcuk all about cooking. that sort of thing.

    if you've done your A'levels then chances are infantry will prove boring unless you go to a trade pln so have a good look around at what else there is. dont forget the other services either.

    from what I used to see you got more genuine racism off the depot staff than you did your muckers, hopefully that has changed.

    so good luck
  7. Well racism must be rife if you read it in a book.

    ******* waster!

  8. Are you supposed to leave your kid on?
  9. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Your 15 FFS, do you have any idea what your talking about?!

    Time for your bed I think, night night flower.
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Just to throw a different perspective on the Infantry; in my last Regular battalion, there were at least 5 Asians in my Company and a whole lot more blacks. There were a fair few of us with A'Levels (two Riflemen had even been to University) in the same Company. Infantry can be far from boring, compare being a part of a Company Advance to Contact during a Live Fire Ex with turning a spanner/frying an egg/stacking a shelf/fill-in-lazy-generic-stereotype etc. In fact Infantry work is probably the most exciting thing you can do in the Army especially on tour.

    The days of the Infantry being the preserve of Neo-Nazi knuckle-draggers, has long since passed. If indeed they ever really were.

    As for actual incidents of racism, they've been very few and far between in my own experience. People may make ignorant or stereotypical remarks about one group or other, but I never saw anyone abused for their ethnic background. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with!
  11. I'll be straight pal.
    Other than hatred to a common foe,casual NAAFI/Barrack room banter and civvies on the piss,I've only seen true racism once.

    I had a mate on the back of my 512 from Kenya and a squaddy refused his help because of his colour.He also made his opinions very vocal as to insight support for his prejudices.
    This bloke later told me I should be ashamed of myself for allowing the Kenyan lad on my waggon. Said Kenyan on my waggon crimped in a bit on account of his youth and inexperience.
    Steps were taken accordingly.
    The Kenyan's still in. So is the racist.
    The Kenyans got more teeth.........
    (I know because we get him to cam them up when he smiles at night)
  12. I can name a Battalion in which approximately 10% of the men were card carrying members of the National Front. They were part of the reason why it was made illegal for serving members of the armed forces to be members of any political party.
  13. In 9 years I've never witnessed any racism, though I can't speak for the whole Army. You can give as good as you get banter wise you should be fine and I've found that generally if someone is taking banter too far they will stop when told, or someone else will put a stop to it before it can become a problem.

    Playing the race and victim cards, without good reason, would not win you any favours though.
  14. Bravo Zulu matey
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  15. Thanks guys. Also about finding infantry boring - as someone said being an infantry solider on tour can be one of the most exciting things ever - that's where I aim to be. My alevels where purely there as something to fall on if I ever need to, but I couldn't see myself if a shutty office job any time soon lol !