Thinking of Joining but....??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by parksey, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Hey All,

    I am thinking of joining up with my local TA, hopefully the Royal Welsh 3rd.
    I thought that a few months fitness training wouldn't go a miss before approaching them and having a look around etc.
    In normal life I am an area manager for a company that supplies industrial equipment and IT solutions.

    However I am unsure whether a recent operation I have had would render me unsuitable to join, I have had a ligament built in my knee (broke the old one lol) and the surgeon has now told me that it's as good as new!, I know that existing army personnel have had the same op and been returned to full active duty after about 6 months. Would this stop me joining the TA, even if I passed the basic fitness test?. I have no problems with my knee anymore and running cross country, jumping, kneeling or anything else like that does not cause any problems.
  2. Knee op? What knee op?
  3. LMAO that's what I said to the Surgeon, it was to replace the PCL, as the old one broke :D :D and that's about as much as they explained, I do know that I don't have any screws or anything in their and have full range of movement etc.
  4. I think Mongoose was implying that you don't even mention the knee op when applying, since you're fit as you ever were why bother?
  5. Best thing to do is go along on a drill night and ask someone. Medical history is part of the process.
  6. :D I can be so dull sometimes :D :D
    But won't a 3 inch scar look a bit odd?
  7. Isn't that an old Cockney tune?
  8. Look it does'nt matter, do your drill weekend and if you get accepted well then your in, if your knee problem comes back...leave! The only one who's going to ask questions is the bloke who's going check you out at your medical, and he usually just grabs your nuts and pulls them a bit (perk of the job) no one else cares, so don't say anything, we've all got scars, tell him any story you want, but if you wan't to join and you think it might spoil things for you, keep quiet.
  9. I broke the cruciate in my right knee during recruit training but opted not to have the rebuild from a graft.

    After four months I was none the wiser to not having the repair. Nor did it affect being in the TA.
  10. A bloke in my unit, his hip collapsed (or something) and had to have pins put in. He is now a PTI and cuts about like a lunatic!

    I would say crack on, if they knock you back (which I doubt) try a non inf unit.
  11. For what it's worth, the medical at Swansea involves (as do most I'm sure) putting your joints and limbs in awkward positions and pushing them, and then checking to see if you're in tears or not.

    If your joint can take it, and you have no problems kneeling, running and all the rest of it, take the advice and keep stum. After all, your surgeon told you your knee was as good as new didn't he?
  12. Not really, not when he explains that when he jumped from the speeding train carrying the suspect package which he then threw into the ravine below, the cut on his knee was the least of his worries :twisted:

    Well you lot think of something better :)
  13. Just don't use "I cut myself sometimes"
  14. Dodgy tackle play footy a while ago, bloke had bad studs. Hurt like hell it did, still no harm done. My legs are covered in scares from footy.
  15. I've got a feeling they'll ask for your medical attendance records from your GP, and that will have your knee problem on it.

    But have a crack anyway, mine didn't record the fact I'd had an ECG for heart pains :eek: and I've just been passed as fit!