Thinking of joining but have a 4 year old daughter?

hi i wanna join the paras but have a 4year old daughter, im not with her mum anymore. anyone else have any experience of joining with kids and what was it like?
So whats the problem then
Believe it or not most squaddy have families, and some of them have kids, a regiment is not just a combat unit, it a massive organisation with families, fathers and son, uncles and aunties, some units have whole families serving
Your only joining the Army, not going to another planet
Have you thought about joining the TA?
You probably will mis her mate, she will almost certainly miss you. The good thing is that you realise that at this stage, I found that in basic the people who had problems coping with being away from their families were the people who couldnt wait to get away from home and didnt think that they would have any dramas being seperated from their loved ones. The fact that you are switched on to the reality of the situation shows to me, that you have already given yourself a better chance of getting through that particular hurdle.
Of course you will find it hard, but it is not by any means an impossible situation. Remember that being able to spend time without physical contact is importnant for both of you if you want to make this your career. When on ops, knowing that you and your daughter can deal with the seperation will be important.
Best of luck.
yeah iv thought about the ta but iv always wanted a career in the army, should of joined 5 years ago but ex conveniently got preganant at time of applying!

You still get to join the Parachute Regiment, whilst living near and keeping regular contact with your daughter.

If you successfully pass the Cadre/PPS, then you can also put yourself forward to deploy on Operations with one of the Regular Battalions.

Best of both worlds............
got a 2 year old son and a girlfriend and im leaving for basic in october, it is hard but if its what you really want, that should take you through it, do the insight couse 1st i think thats 5 days away, see how you find that
There is little point denying that you are going to be spending a lot of time away from your daughter and unless you have a heart of stone there is little point in denying that it's going to be hard.

The fact is though that the Army is a job, you are going to have time off and in relation to civvie jobs its a lot of time off that you can spend as you choose. You are also going to have a secure job with massive prospects that will allow you to not only provide for her but to make sure you CAN give her what she wants (If you want to of course).

This really is a decision only you can make though mate, what I would do is try a few weeks away and see how you get on. I wouldn't worry about your daughter too much, she'll adapt kids always do its the parents that have the problems.
Just remember Samuel Johnson's " Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea" quote and you'll remember that not only will you be doing a job you can be proud of, but your daughter can be proud as well, Trainings hard but you'll see a lot more of her when your in battalion, When your not on ops anyway.

Good luck if you go for it, and be sure to say "that was easy" at the end of pt :twisted:
Don't worry about, six months down the line you'll find yourself humming 'Napalm Sticks to Kids' and signing out the brat at weekends - just to use as bait to attract f'ckable women.

When your not doing that you'll be teaching the sprog to make w'nking gestures to passing motorists and build towers out of empty beer cans.

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