thinking of joining after new years, need some advice

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by scousadan, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. alrite peeps :D

    i'v been hangin around here for a while just reading topics and that i thought i'd finally register.

    Before i start i start i just wanna say respect to everyone serving in the armed forces you's don't get payed enough to do what you do risking your lives for this country even tho its on its ass and run by knobheads.

    i wanna join because my lifes goin no where im 18 got no job prospects espeshilly with this credit crunch, and i wanna do something with my life before i end up gettin in shit, i think the army would sort me out i'v always wanted 2 do it and i'v got nothin stoppin me from going for it.

    first off I swim lyk a brick, should I start goin the baths and learn or doesn't it matter considering i'll probably be in a desert by the end of next year haha

    second I wanna join the paratroopers whats the training lyk, do they still go on patrols in afghan because if im gunna die i'd rather it be by fightin than gettin ended by some shithouse IED

    also how long does the whole process take from going into the recruitment center and signing up. i heard it takes months because they have to do a background check on ya.

    i welcome your advice would also lyk 2 hear your expericences aswell good and bad, so i know what im getting into :D
  2. 1. Learn to swim. Never a bad idea...

    2. Do some research. You say you want to join the Parachute Regiment, yet you have no idea what they do, what the selection or the training's like. Look at other jobs too, and if you decide infantry is your thing look at your local regiment; you might be more suited to being armoured inf rather than airborne.

    3. How long it takes depends on you; whether you breeze through everything first time or whether you have to redo your BARB, redo ADSC, get TMU'd at your medical for some little problem etc.

    The stock advice is to go to the AFCO and ask; I would say that might be a good start for you. They'll be able to inform you about your options and talk you through the application process. Best of luck to you.
  3. All good advice from zulu, though I would say, you may get better advice in here than at your AFCO, as they have recruiting targets and will try very hard to sell you something you may not want to do.

    There are a multitude of jobs in the armed forces, I would say try and go for something you are already interested in. The joy of the Army is, that unlike civvy street, they will train you for the job, then put you in it.

    If you're interested in geeky IT stuff, look at sigs, if you like playing with spanners, look at REME / RE fitter etc etc.

    If you're interested in jumping out of planes, and running with bergens on then yes, para's.

    What sort of job were you looking to do in civvy street, there is very probably a military equivilent in one of the 3 services.
  4. Try the Royal Engineers.

    You can learn some good stuff in there!!!
  5. thanks 4 the advice lads

    zulu i'v fort very hard about it mate i just cant find much info about the parchute regiment, they sent me these books about all the jobs on offer lyk but i just says "air assualt they are deployed via helicopter or plane etc" not much info really

    i defo wanna go into the combat role i'v bin in college 4 years and couldn't stand it
    im just gunna stick with learn how to be a good soldier
  6. :lol: me2...because the army didn't give me anything the small while i was in, so guess it's back in then :? :x .... :wink: if i have to go back and be a crow again and repeat gonna be a VERY happy bunny... :evil: :x

    1 tip though, learn to spell, the army will only make you do it later and that's just going to be annoying for you...
  7. College from 14 hmmmm.
  8. Not if he joins the Paras :D
  9. Same ere :wink:
  10. yeah because i never used to turn up for stupid lessons lyk french in school
    they put me in college for 3 days a week

    i'v got a trade in joinery but companys are layin people off so theres no chance of gettin a job

    hence the reason i wanna joint the army :D
  11. RE C&J

    May well be worth your while looking at this then. Ans has been mentioned before, you can do ALOT worse than RE, they're a good group of guys. With an academic qualification too, you might be exempt some of the modules in sunny chatham.
  12. I think you might have done quite well in said lessons of stupidity :D
  13. Personally I would never advise anyone to join the Infantry.

    The idea of joining the Army is to get some qualifications that might help you when you leave IMO.

    The only qualification you will get if you join the Infantry is how to shine boots, fire a mortar and dig holes.