Yep, you are thinking of the right Corps but at the moment, I would not advise anyone to join the Army as it is going downhill faster than an olympic skier. The government does not care about the Army and you will be thoroughly shafted at every turn. Get a decent civy job instead mate.
Go for it, give it a go, if you don't like it you're still young enough to do something else, if you do like it - stick with it and get as much (Courses, travel, beer, STI's qualifications and most of all mates!) out of the army as you can.

Armourer - hell yeah, travel all over the world, fix stuff whilst drinking tea!

Great Corps

As CC said, young enough to do something else if it's not right for you, but chances are, if you give it everything, you'll love it.

Just hope you like weapons :lol:
Do it, Best Corps in the Army, Best trade in the REME and with all the media attention, as new Labour once said “things can only get better”.

Oh I forgot to add, Chicks love Gun Blokes!!
ParanoidHal said:
Hi guys i'm 21 years old and thinking about join the REME as an armourer, any pros and con's i should think about before joining ?????
Yes! Your minimum engagement is 4 years, of which most of the first year will be in the training organisation (aka back to school). You'll then spend a lot of the following 3 years in hot, sandy places.

Someone else tells you what to do. People yell at you. The accommodation can be crap. Great bunch of guys. Great fun. Sense of worth and achievement. Good career possibilities if you are prepared to take all the crap that the Government throws at you.

Can you hack all that?

cheers for the advice guys. the main reason i thought of the job was because I love Firearms.

a few questions for you happy chaps

1. what kind of places genally could i be sent too. e.g postings, training etc
2. how much time is spent actully firing weapons, testing etc
3. whats the pay like compared to the rest of the army overall ?

onAs an answer to your questions:
1. Any where where its hot and sandy.
2, Depends on the unit, best go for Armd Inf as they will have loads of different weapon systems.
3. High band unless your a Crafty or Artisan SSgt (who got that past Phil the Greek)

All REME should be high band!!!

But you should bear in mind as an Armour you could be crawling around on your belt buckles with the blokes who 'get up close and personnal'

Good luck

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