Thinking of going Infantry

Specifically the Parachute Regiment, has anyone a breakdown of the training week by week? I'm also considering the Royal Marines but i have to wait until my driving ban is up to join them, which won't be until next year unfortunately.

Totally bored of civilian life, nothing does it for me at all, everything is the same old same old and i need a challenge, i'm 21 in a few months, would being 21/22/23 be an ideal age to join? or am i a bit past my 'youf' for an infantry role?



War Hero
You'll be older than some, that's for sure. With the training - I can't break it down - because you either sign on the dotted for the whole lot, or you stay bored. There is no picking and choosing - just beastings and good bits. One thing I can tell you is that you'll make good friends with the Land of Nod and tha Lake at Catterick! There will be a lot of phyz. Rock on to your local library and have a look at one of the books on the Paras - regardless of how long ago it was published, the training wont have changed much ('cept milling is done with mouthguards...).

Go for it. It will be the most rewarding thing you do - and despite the shit accommodation, potential lack of jumps, paying council tax while deployed, not getting food or enough ammunnition while under contact, being spat at by civvies and patronised by the meedja, its a good craic!

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