Thinking of doing a half-marathon

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Countrylad, Jun 25, 2011.

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  1. Gents, I'm thinking about running a half-marathon in about 5 months time. I've never run one before but I've always thought about giving it a go. To that end would anyone here be able to give any advice or help in training for this, and have I given myself enough time to be ready for it? My usual running routine is two to three times a week covering a distance of 3.5-4 miles. Any help or advice greatly received.
  2. Age? The distances you cover aren't nearly quite enough for a half marathon! You really need to work your way up to about 7 milers and train a minimum of 4 days per week! Also with running, your hamstrings get a strength that can ruin your knees, so remember to do quad strengthening exercises!

    Anyway, 7 milers, once they are a comfortable distance, a half marathon is easy (with some form of energy drink, from personal experience).

    Have you tried the heart rate monitor training where you don't exceed 75-80% max HR etc.?

    Other than that, i'm too pissed to add any more.
  3. I did one two weeks ago which involved really nasty hills and everything. Did little training and was quite unprepared. However still finished it. As long as your not dire and have some mental grit you will be fine.
  4. Karvonens theory, look it up :)
  5. Also, 5 months is more than enough time to get yourself to more than minimum standards. So long as you don't injure yourself.
  6. I do them occasionally, I just extend my normal running (5 miles) gradually about 6 weeks before until I'm running 13 miles. But I don't thrash myself around the route, I just keep to a steady pace, just under 9 minute miles.
  7. You can train for a marathon in 3 months so your goal of a half marathon in 5 is more than achievable. You need to set your goal, which in your case is distance, and work out a realistic time to do it in based on your average time for a mile. As CB said, Runners world mag has some good training progs.
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Did my first last year, with probably even less training than you! I did it within my target time bracket (although at the longer end), and could hardly walk for two days afterwards! It was hard work but i generally alright during the course until an attack of cramp in my calves almost took me off my feet about 800 metres from the finish. Managed to hobble in though
  9. Thanks for the advice gents, much appreciated.
  10. for a half marathon you can get away with just doing one long run a week. Maybe 2 in the latter stages of your training. There are plenty of plans that you can find online, most likely one that will match how often you can train. Focus more on quality of running as opposed to just banging out miles. Use shorter runs to keep leg speed and your weekly long run will build endurance.

    5 months is loads of time to get ready so don't rush into training too hard early on and getting injured.
  11. Best advice from me (i've done a few halfs) is make sure you invest in some decent running shoes. They're the difference between painful runs, sore legs, and injury.

    Go to a proper running shop, get your gait analysed (most do this for free), and then if you want to save some cash by the previous years model shoe that they recommend from t'internet.
  12. There are plenty of guides available for running HM distance. Go to Runner's (Rimmer's) world.

    No you don't need to run four times a week, and no you don't need to put in any more than one big run a week. If you can run 15km you'll grind out a half.

    It all depends if you are looking for a decent time though, if you want to run sub 1'30" you need to put a hell of a lot more in.

    Run with someone else, who's trainign for the distance. Run with a club, run with a plan and don't just randomly put your shoes on and go out for a jog.

    A half is very "managable".
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    5 months is loads of time to train for a half. The old rule is that you begin to find a run difficult at about 3 times your daily average mileage, so to cover 13 miles comfortably you need a daily average of 4.5 miles or about 30 miles a week. One of those runs should be a long one at a steady pace, starting now with about 5 miles and increasing gradually to 10 or more miles. Your weekly mileage now is about 10 or 12. Use the first month or so to get to 20 a week and then aim to get to 30 a week thereafter.

    If you're after a faster time, then use one or two of your sessions a week for speedwork, eg 4 x 800m reps. Enter a 10k race or two, find a 10 mile race.
  14. There's a relief. I'm doing Rheims in mid-Oct as a result of a drunken pledge in a heavy metal bar in Munich last Christmas...