Thinking of buying a motorbike

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by devilish, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. As the title states I'm thinking of purchasing myself a bike, looking for something mid-range 550-650cc and in bloody good nick, nothing over 5 years old.

    Thinking about a Suzi bandit or similar, anyone got any suggestions on this or any bike in that catagory?

    Let the bike buying discussion begin....
  2. I take it this is your first bike?

    My advice is go for a 600 cc sports bike. There are loads to choose from, the fairings will give you good protection from the elements (esp this time of year!) and they look great.

    My personal recommendation would be CBR600, for a first bike - comfortable ride, good performance, plenty of speed and reliable as well - but ultimately it's down to personal preference.

  3. Indeed it is my first bike, my mates got a CBR 600, loves it but won't let me on it for fear of breaking it.

    Any other recomendations from anyone?
  4. I end up going for a cheap bike, usually quite big had a lot of previous owners and works in a NAAFI :)
  5. Cheers jack. I think I took that on a test drive about 13 years ago, it was old even then.....
  6. Motorbikestoday is quite good for info.

    Here's the link to their road tests and bike reviews:


    I've only had Hondas so maybe I'm biased. I'd go for a CBR600 also.
  7. Bandit's and the like are okay, but you will likely get bored with it pretty quickly.
    If you want comfort as well as a toy go for something like a Yamaha Fazer, if more serious fun is on the agenda try something like a Triumph Daytona 675 or ZX636.
    You will probably find in a few months you wish you'd bought something faster!!
  8. I'd back the 600 sportsbike comment, as you get more experienced you can use more of the bikes performance. Triumph servicing is V expensive and not all that many aftermarket parts. Are you gonna be riding through the winter? CBR600F is a good base to start from.
  9. Forget the sports bike unless you are made of money. If this is your first bike the insurance may cripple you.

    I started on an unfaired Bandit 600. Great bike will do anything you want it to and are also forgiving of beginner’s mistakes.

    The finish on Suzuki’s is not the best but the engine just keeps on going. So many of them around you can pick up a bargain
  10. Suki bandit 600, lovely bike. Reliable and light, easy to manouvre. Absolute pleasure to ride. I have had one for the last 3 years and it's a great bike for a starter or an old timer. :thumleft:

    I've never learnt how to do a wheelie though.....
  11. Why would he get bored on a Bandit? I defy anyone not a track racing riding god to get everything out of that bike on the roads.
  12. My Two Pennies worth:
    (You don`t say what your level of experience is, so writing this assuming you have recently passed your test, please excuse me if I am teaching you to suck eggs)

    Sports bikes are more fun,have greater performance to grow into,are plentiful;
    However, Handling can be very twitchy for the novice, insurance will be very high if it`s your first bike, parts can be expensive (esp if on Third Party insurance)

    Bandits,are cheap and plentiful,Ride Magazine has a feature this month on buying a bandit.
    Honda are generally the better engineered and finished of the Jap four,CBR 600 F will have enough off everything to keep you happy, whilst remaining unintimidating and easy to ride/gain bigger bike experience on.
    Yamaha Thundercat 600 is similar, however finish wont stand up to UK weather as well and they are prone to rotting exhausts

    Could go on for ages,suffice to say, set your budget, dont forget to look into servicing costs,get lots of insurance quotes(Mine have varied by £1500 by phoning different brokers)
    Then look for whats in your price range, go and sit on a few and see if they flick your switch, because like it or not, no matter how practical you try to be, bikes evoke a personal reaction.
    Lastly, have fun, once you`ve had one there is no going back, they get into your blood for ever.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss anything in detail
    Best of luck with your quest
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Don't be tempted to go out and buy the latest 600cc crotch rocket as a first bike, not only will it cost you big time financially but it is all to easy to give it just that little bit too much.

    As for getting bored - if you're anything like me with bikes and cars it could be your absolute dream ride but you will still want to change it for something new and different within a year so don't worry about th

    Depending on what sort of thing you want try the SV650 as opposed to the Bandit for something sport orientated - much more fun, easier to get hold of an example that isn't a total nail, and if you stick even a cheap race can on it people will hear you from half a mile away and think you're riding a Ducati until they catch sight of you. as I said it's a little bit more sporty than the Bandit and you won't see a bad review for them anywhere - even seasoned riders find themselves enjoying riding them. If you're not familiar with the bike it comes either unfaired or half faired (most people add aftermarket lowers to make it full faired)
  15. Thanks for the input guys, well happy with what i'm reading here.

    I've been reading the reviews that have been linked and the Triumph Daytona seems to read like a damn good bike!

    A question if you may...

    When I've checked for quotes, they ask if I have any no claims bonus. Now in my car insurance the answer would be 6 years. Are they asking if I have NCB for bikes only?

    Incidently I've had my bike licence for 20 years, never rode one since 2001(military) other than "having a wee go on my mates bike" scenario.