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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Karl_uk, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Yeh, the subject title says it all really. I'm 18, left 6th Form, and just been going from job to job since i left reli.. Been thinking of joining the Army for well over a year and as i'm about fit enough to pass the physical my application is filled and ready to go..

    However, I finally let my parents know and well, they hit the roof almost. And now them as well as my friends seem to be spending every possible moment, listing about 100 reasons (some true, some just bull) about why it would be a bad idea to sign up.. :evil:

    And obviously this is begining to put a dampner when i think about applying.. So to try and regain some of that enthusiam, i would some of u guys opinion's about whether you would honestly recomend it..?

    Now i'm not daft enough to belive everything they say on the news but reorts from actual soldiers about conditions in the barracks, not getting the right equipment when you're on operation in Iraq or whereever, and all the rest off it. Is this as bad as it sounds or jsut the media talking out their rear ends as usual?

    So... thoughts?

    cheers for any advice.
  2. With regards your parents, I had the same trouble with mine when I was considering joining the Navy full-time. They'll probably come around to it eventually if you show them how much joining up means to you and that it's not just a passing interest.
  3. If you post the 100 reasons why you shouldn't I'm sure we could post another 100 reasons why you should!!
  4. Reason No 1:
    You will never make mates again like the mates you make in the Army and they will be there for you your entire life.

    Reason No 2:
    You will get the best training int the world in your chosen career all paid for and you see the world at the same time.

    Reason No 3: etc
  5. I've had some great times in the Army, I've also had some god awful times in the Army, some of which I wouldn't wish on anyone....but as Mick pointed out, your mates are for life, and together you'll manage to pull through whatever gets thrown at you.....smiles, laughs, and no doubt some tears, but you'll get through.

    You'll never know anything like that in civvy strasse.

    My advice is go for it, if you want to......basic is desigend to weed out the half-arsed recruits, so only join up if it's what you want to do.

    You'll look back in 15 years time and regret it if you don't.
  6. You will get to do things that you civvy mates would never, ever in 100 lifetimes be able to do.
  7. I agree with all the previous posts on this topic, you will make freinds for life I regard the people I served with as the 'salt of the earth' never found any better never will.
  8. Who else gets to fire weapons, tab the globe, eat like a king one day and eat like a tramp the next. The highs and lows are what make the forces the best fecking job in the world, go for it because you will only look back in years to come and hate yourself for not doing it.
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Karl_uk, you might wish to take the moral highground with your parents and friends and quote this:

    "No man who is not willing to bear arms and to fight for his rights can give a good reason why he should be entitled to the privilege of living in a free community." - Theodore Roosevelt

    On the other hand, if they are not in the mood for philosophical debate then the argument is more simple. You are 18 years old and have the legal right to do pretty much what you want within the confines of the law. That includes volunteering to serve in H M Forces.

    All that said, the reasons given by others in this thread are reason enough to join up but from my perspective:

    1. Mates will be mates for life, civvies will never understand your bonds.
    2. You will be joining an honourable, decent profession and doing something worthwhile with your life.
    3. If you turn out to be a decent soldier, you will never regret joining. There are a huge number of soldiers and officers who stay in as long as they can because it is a good life - that has to say something positive.
    4. You will regret not joining.
    5. Even if you don't like it if you do join and you leave as soon as you can, the experience will shape your life and make you a better person.
    6. A lot of the time it can be a great laugh.
    7. It is challenging, can be hard graft but it is rewarding at a deep, personal level.

    As for the bad news/media etc. Sh*t happens. No Army always gets it right every time and there is much to hold the Government to account for but on the whole it does not detract from a rewarding profession and a fundamentally decent way of life. Ultimately you may be called upon to lay down your life for your friends and, by default, your country but you will have chosen to do this on your own terms and it is the risk you take, if you sign on.

    Think hard about the last sentence above, come to terms with it but do not be put off by parents and friends. Make a decision and stick with it - hopefully you will join up and we will gain a decent young man who will become a decent soldier. Good luck.
  10. My thoughts exactly..

    in regards to the reasons why they dont want me to..

    mainly along the lines off...

    You'll be sent to some god forsaken place, blah blah

    Could you actually kill someone?

    Accomidation, kit, training is cr@p - altho they've got this from talking to ppl, like family friends etc who know people in the army.

    They're the major ones just shortnened down reli.

    I mean they're probly party right, tho those reasons in themsleves wouldn't put me of.

    Cheers for the positive feedback tho :D wat i need to hear :)
  11. You could run over someone in your car tomorrow.

    If you didnt live at home, where would you be living? Perhaps some dirty stinking student hovel somewhere

    You will no doubt be sent off somewhere, I spent 3 months in Canada it was fantastic and I managed to get a Mountaineering Qual out of it.

    One of the key things you said there was talking to people that know people in the Army. You are getting it straight from the horses mouth now.

    Tell 'em you going, end of.

    (By the way way, what do you want to do?)
  12. Yes you're right about the hovel thing there m8..

    And no its not.. something i can throw back in there faces for a change. It's like "my mum's friend's, friends, daughter" who's coming up with these amazing thoughts. So you're right, they dont really have the right to lecture me about something they dont really know that much about.

    And not exactly 100% sure on what career to take in the Army. I was gona wait till i do the barb? test is it? the aptidude test anyway to see what i would be best suited to.

    Also one other major thing they keep throwing in my face is.. Say i joined as an Infrantry soldier, i would obviously learn learn how to fight but would i actually get any qualifications/skills that could be used in Civillian life other than like a bouncer or sumit (No offence to any1 here, im just trying to clear this up :p ).

    So will they only let you study for qualifications directly related to your job? Or say i was an Infantry soldier would i be unable to study like a management course or something along those lines.?
  13. Only one reason required...

    Every man that has ever walked the face of this earth and has not had the courage to enlist, secretly regrets the fact they have not been nor ever will be a British Soldier.

  14. The Army has plently of chances for you to get more qualifications.

    Being Infantry doesn't neccessarily mean you have to be a brain dead thug as there are many that arent.

    You get out of it what you put in. You could specialise in driving for example, go to the education dept and look at studying for a degree.

    The world is your oyster and as dirk-the-turk says you will secretly regret it if you don't.
  15. you can get qualifications in line with your job, and also, i believe there is good support for soldiers studying in there own time. open university and such are all possibilities. as we were told on ADSC, you can get discounts and such via various learning credits.

    i know an ex infantry guy who has more qualifications then i have hairs on my head, and hes not even 40, including a degree in psychology. its all down to you. if you put in the time you can leave in very good standing, equally if you piss your time and money away on beer and dancing girls at every opertunity, then you probably wont come out with as much.