Thinking of applying, got some questions

Evening :)

Right, so I'm thinking of joining the army full-time and I have a few questions. Firstly, can I join even if I have a criminal record? To cut a long story short, I'm going to court next week and I might get convicted of assault and carrying an offensive weapon (drunken mistake). I never actually assaulted or stabbed anyone, mind, I was carrying a swiss army knife though. I've never been arrested before, and I'm currently a 2nd year Uni student studying to become an English teacher. Will a criminal record be a problem in my case?

Secondly, how active is army life? I don't want to join, train up, then be sat at home watching TV while I wait for a war to break out. All my mates have disappeared off to uni and never see them, and I'm not particularly close to my family. So I want to be out there, in the thick of it, for as long as possible, and be traveling the world. No need to return home. Which Army career would provide this? Infantry, or combat engineer? (those are the main 2 paths I'm interested in at the moment)

Also, would I be able to be permanently based in foreign bases (e.g iraq)? Or would I always have to return to England after a certain amount of time? How many months of the year could I stay away from home?

And lastly, if I were to serve as basic infantry for a few years, could I then branch off into more specialized routes and get additional training (e.g to become a combat engineer) or do you have to stick with what you choose at the start?

Sorry for the long post but this is a life changing decision and I want to get my facts right before I start a new life

Thanks in advance,


p.s and just to clarify, I don't wish to be an officer or anything like that :p

EDIT: One more thing! How long does the application process usually take? I wanna start my training asap. Thanks :)


If you use the search function you will find the answers and as for sitting around waiting for a war how about you read the news and see the shit our lads and girls ave to go through in Afghan and Iraq
Yeh, it always pains me to read that news, and I am ready to get there and help them out as much as I can. But that conflict can't last forever - do soldiers have other jobs when there are no wars to fight? like peacekeeping? or is that a different section of the army?

It's hard to type such long winded questions into the search box :p


What you do in the Army on a day to day basis will vary depending on what cap badge you are?

You should check out the Army website and look through the two roles you are interested in. Obv Infantry are gona see a fair bit of action.

As for your court case I cant give you an answer as I dont know, but someone on here will help you out.
Without rambling on and giving you in-direct answers I can tell you after serving as a Riflemen for 4 years in the Infantry you can move onto other job roles if your heart so desires.

Your best bet is to head down the Careers office and fire questions at them all morning.


with you all the way man, just got in from a good night with a few mates ive not seen in a while and some chavvy guy starts on me, i wanted to hit him so hard but knowing that any trouble with the police could slow my application i walked awy from it (giving him as much mouth, and managing to stay calm throughout to wind him up more whilst on local CCTV showing me to be the innocent one, even tho i was innocent) just saw an old school mate said hi and this randomer kicked of!

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