Thinking of applying, couple of Qs

Lo all, Im thinking about joining up and have quite a few questions I would like to ask. Currently I dont have the required GCSEs for the job I want to do in the army, I currently have:

2 GCSE Passes

Science CC (Double award)
English E
Maths D

Info Tech, Geography, Photography, D&T Electronics all D

I want be a military engineer el3ectrician, min qual C in English/Maths.

If I were to join up as RAC or Infantry would I be given the chance to develop my GCSEs and retrain later on as an engie, and if so would this be on site?

More questions will follow Im sure :), cheers guys.
Have you been to the Army Carreers Office yet? If not I'd recommend going there 1st.
If you have the intention of joining the Corps of Royal Engineers but don't feel you have the grades to be a sparky why not see if one of the many other trades might appeal to you?

I'm not at all sure of the recruitment process these days but I thought your options are based more on how you do on the barb test than your GCSE results.

As Smudge says, pop into your local Careers Office and have a chat with them.
You do have to have the required GCSE's for certain jobs. If you are close you may get "shaded" which is where permission is granted by an officer from the Corps you are trying to join. If they have no problems filling the job it is unlikely you will be shaded.

The BARB test is not an IQ test but is an indication of your ability to be trained.