Thinking of Applying as an Officer - any advice?

I have lived in Canada most of my life (20 years you would think i was Canadian) however i am not a Canadian Citizen and have a British Passport so i have been thinking of joining the UK army. Ive been reading on the UK Army site about joining as either an Officer or Soldier. I will be graduating in december so i was thinking about joining as an Officer. Don't have any military experience, im assuming it would not be a good idea to apply as both a soldier and officer right? Luckily my grandparents are still living in the UK so i have a sponsor. Any other tips or pieces of advice would really help me out. Thanks!
Stay in Canada. If you want a military life join their armed forces.

As much as I love my country, (and served it for 18 years) there dosen't appear to be anything going for us at this present time.

My daughter and son in law emigrated to Calgary AB nearly 5 years ago and they are better off, financially and job secure than they would be here.

If I won the lottery the first thing I'd do was was phone the son in law, "John, find me a house."
I know both officers and soldiers in the British Army who are Canadian citizens (I appreciate that you are actually British, living in Canada). Most joined the British Army because it afforded more opportunity than their own. Whether this is still likely to be true in the future is up for debate (the British Army is being cut by 20% to 82,000 between now and 2020). Something for you to research.

The important thing to remember is that graduate does not automatically equal officer (or potential officer). There are officers without degrees and soldiers with them. The difference between potential soldiers and potential officers should be that the latter will have the desire to take a greater level of responsibility early in their career and will be possessed of the leadership potential (gene perhaps) which marks them out as leaders rather than followers. Potential officers will also clearly have to reach a higher intellectual and academic benchmark than potential soldiers have to.* Have a really good think about the level of responsibility you want and whether you have what it takes to lead and inspire men and women in difficult, dangerous and uncomfortable circumstances, many of whom will be older and more militarily experienced than you.

*There are many soldiers or potential soldiers who hold some or all of the requisite characteristics for selection as officers but who, for one reason or another, join as soldiers. Holding a degree is by no means a sure fire indicator of officer potential.
Does the residency requirement not hold for Brits who have been abroad for ages?


Whatever you don't give the OP any advice. Unless you can prove you:

a) are currently posted to AOSB
b) are posted to an AFCO

Plumey will lift off. I only ever repeat that old story about the chick getting caught being spit-roasted in the bar now, I'm too terrified to say anything else.
Beneath you, count_duckula! I've explained my specific reasons behind why I think it inappropriate to coment on specific elements of the selection process & why it is inadvisable to rely on such information when posted...


Beneath me? Where?!

It's a fair point, people seem to get in such a tizzy about the whole thing. At OTC it was endless. The poor, terrified saps who hadn't been and the casual swells who had, and had passed. "It'll be fine, just be yourself etc".
thanks for the advice. i believe the residency requirement are 5 years or longer but it says "we may be able to seek a waiver to reduce this residency requirement depending on where you have lived and the length of time out of the UK". My situation is quite unique though so hopefully they can make an exception. i will just apply anyways. i was definitely following the 20% cuts. i was thinking they would happen well before i join (i hope). i could always join the canadian army eventually if i dont get in to the UK army. problem is it takes at least 3 or 4 years to become full canadian maybe longer. they are slow as hell too and i dont really want to wait around. i was thinking of applying into intelligence as my first choice. i do speak french also. not sure if either of that helps, i know some people who got into the intelligence unit in Canada and one is not the brightest kid either, but i have no idea about the British intelligence unit.
Having checked here you are bang on about residency & nationality for Officer or Soldier entry. Good luck with it!
ya for solider it looks like there is no requirement but for officer there is. and this guy on the chat is a big douche. always the same guy too.
The link I posted suggests not, but good luck anyway.

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