Thinking of a pickup

I still have a 94 GMC Sierra SLE 5L, 2wd, extended box. It's the best truck l have ever owned when it comes to maintenance and parts availability, it will most likely be the last vehicle l own.

The older ones are the better ones. No stupid pfaffy electronics, or whizzy fig bloody extras to breakdown and costs a fortune to fix.
I had a 2019 Navara from new. I really liked it at first. But after a while I started to find that it was a bit cheap and cheerful. Also it was neither good as a car or as a works vehicle but did both tasks averagely.
Load space in the rear was not all that and if I wanted a good works vehicle that can easily take 8x4 and 2.4m lengths of wood and tools etc then a bog standard van would make more sense.

The nail in it's coffin was when I was done for exceeding the commercial vehicle speed limit of 60mph on a dual carriageway as most of the newer trucks all exceed the weight limit so they become commercial vehicles.

So I cancellled the lease early and bought a Volvo V60 T5r which has proven to be the best car I have owned and does the car part perfectly.
When I need a works wagon again I will buy a cheap 2nd hand T5 or Transit.
Are you a farmer or a builder? If not....stay clear! Horrible things, only fit for labourers and Americans!

As the Royal Air Force are neither farmers, builders, nor Americans, once can only presume you describe your lot as labourers :)

VU09 0VV is a Toyota Hilux with the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue … | UK  Emergency Vehicles
RAF Police | UK Emergency Vehicles

Royal Air Force, Bomb Disposal (AF14 GFU) | Toyota Hilux | ferryjammy |  Flickr
Mines ex police from Northern Territory, same hi rear canopy as the middle pic, had 2 whirlybirds on it so presume it was a dog van.

This is better though:


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